The star of “the Voice” Alexander Panayotov: “Members consider me a threat”

Звезда «Голоса» Александр Панайотов: «Участники считают меня угрозой» The singer told “StarHit” about their experiences in the contest. Alexander Panayotov from the beginning of the show is considered one of the favorites of the TV show. However, the love of the audience makes the artist work harder to break through to the finals.

      Звезда «Голоса» Александр Панайотов: «Участники считают меня угрозой»

      Alexander Panayotov is still in the blind auditions in “the Voice” has managed to conquer all the members of the jury. With the participation of the audience he predicted a landslide victory in the contest. However, there were those who wondered why famous musician once again to participate in another TV show. 13 years ago about Alexander Panayotov learned the whole country thanks to the contest “people’s artist”, where the young artist took second place. Over time, however, the singer disappeared from the media space. Alexander said the “StarHit” which he was haunted by fears while participating in the contest and how he copes with criticism of his participation in the project of the First channel.

      You can easily pass one round after another and delight the mentors and the audience. Are you confident in your success?
      Звезда «Голоса» Александр Панайотов: «Участники считают меня угрозой»In fact, it just seems that for me all is easy and painless. The excitement, of course, present. Each stage is psychologically heavy. We sing songs not from their own repertoire.Moreover, there is only one attempt in the air – how to sing, so be it. —
      You called one of the main contenders for victory in “the Voice”. It gives you confidence or imposes a dual responsibility?
      Звезда «Голоса» Александр Панайотов: «Участники считают меня угрозой»To be honest, it scares me. I know that the laws of television is so apparent favorites do not always reach the end of the projects. But I’ll try to deny it – I will do everything that depends on me in terms of vocals, performances. I really want the final, has already joined the excitement. So my goal is to be cool.
      Your appearance in the show has generated a wave of condemnation – you are a famous actor, but he came again into the project. How do you take negative reviews?
      Звезда «Голоса» Александр Панайотов: «Участники считают меня угрозой»Criticism should always be constructive, I think. To condemn it is possible for the vocals, the performance, and the rest is just words of detractors. Negative reviews don’t hurt me. Anyway, I try not to read, I have over many years developed an internal filter. Some sarcastic comments I try to make a joke of it. It’s nice that more fans than haters. But, you know, it’s like Yin and Yang. If everything is OK, too uninteresting. —
      The love of the fans gives you confidence?
      Звезда «Голоса» Александр Панайотов: «Участники считают меня угрозой»Now everything that happens on “the Voice” for me as the first time. At the moment of going on stage my entire 13 years of experience like a reset, it seems that I am just a young guy who just arrived in Moscow. I can not understand – whether it is a new experience, or forgotten old. Moreover, to show all equal – the beginner or already-known artist. Of course, I am pleased to have a number of fans that have emerged since the days of “people’s artist”. But over the years, a new generation, which “Voice” I don’t know. —
      If the rivalry escalates between the parties?
      Звезда «Голоса» Александр Панайотов: «Участники считают меня угрозой»We all here became friends, became close. I don’t know about other members, but to me all friendly, and they don’t know. However, many people are afraid to be with me in “Battles,” “Knockouts” maybe they think I am a threat to them. But everything else was cute and harmless.

      Why do you need this project?
      Звезда «Голоса» Александр Панайотов: «Участники считают меня угрозой»I’m from the category of people that if you don’t do what they were overtaken by depression and illness. I’m kidding – generally after my long pause I’m still alive? Of course, it’s hard. It is important for me that I am on stage.—
      That is, victory is not important to you?
      Звезда «Голоса» Александр Панайотов: «Участники считают меня угрозой»Of course, I will be so sad if you do not reach the finals. After that the next couple of days I can not look! Then I will work on. —
      How did your participation in “the Voice” colleagues in the “people’s artist” Alexey Goman, Alexey Chumakov?
      Звезда «Голоса» Александр Панайотов: «Участники считают меня угрозой»Lesha Goman called, learned to be happy for me. Chumakov and didn’t call even when, it seemed, had called all my friends. And then we rode with him in the same train, and only then spoke. He ambiguously sees my participation in the contest. Alex believes that this is unfair. And for me it is not. I believe that any of the contestants – a worthy competitor. But strange to me – how can all of us compare? How to choose one? Everyone has something that does not have a different – different voice, different chips.

      This year you have been major changes in your life – you lost weight, returned to the stage. What made you do it?
      Звезда «Голоса» Александр Панайотов: «Участники считают меня угрозой»As I live, understand that all things come in time. Recently, I felt comfortable in the weight – 106 kg. And then as if something clicked – I thought that if not reset, then never. Took himself in hand. Now, however, gained two pounds, and is so clearly felt! Like anything special, but because the screen expands and I don’t like. Go to the gym. But how not to eat? You can even die from sadness, we need something to encourage. Of course, this is all from nerves. Open the fridge and don’t notice what you eat.—
      Do you practice any special menu?
      I refused flour, fried. Before I could a whole pizza to eat at night, now, of course, this already does not allow. Two or three times a week I have sports – sure track and swimming.