На звезду «Дневников вампира» рухнул потолок
Actress Nina Dobrev narrowly escaped death.

На звезду «Дневников вампира» рухнул потолок

Nina Dobrev


The star of the hit show “the vampire Diaries” Nina Dobrev
decidedly unlucky: not only that it is not is personal life,
the actress almost died in a very embarrassing circumstances!

It all started with what 29-year-old actress decided to buy a new
apartment in new York. After a long search, she stopped the attention on
a relatively modest apartment in Greenwich Village. For accommodation with two bedrooms and two
bathrooms she has requested two million dollars, which is arranged
actress. First, she liked the house itself and the layout of the apartment. Second, an advantage has become a Playground for dogs, located right next to: Nina was glad that she can play with my pet Maverick (a cross between collie and shepherd).

However, when the star decided to explore the main bathroom, something happened,
what nobody expected: it was worth the actress to open the door, as down fell a huge
a piece of plaster from the ceiling! Fortunately, Dobrev responded immediately and managed to leap aside. Otherwise she threatened at least
a concussion, and maybe she could die. A real estate agent who showed the actress the apartment was
horribly embarrassed. At first, Nina wasn’t going to abandon the idea to buy a home despite the incident. She said that they are ready to rebuild the house and bring it in order, but later Dobrev still refused the deal and continued the search of the apartment.

“Modest” size of the apartment, which looks for the actress,
made her fans to assume she is not ready to move out with her
boyfriend Glen Powell. Their romance began she once
she broke up with her colleague on the series Ian Somerhalder. Their romance begins quite cheerfully, the last time
almost came to naught. As claimed by friend of the actress, Nina didn’t break up with Glenn, but the last time they see each other infrequently, explaining rare meeting permanent employment.

Nina Dobrev with Glen Powell