The star of “the Turkish gambit” Olga Krasko became the mother of many children

Звезда «Турецкого гамбита» Ольга Красько стала многодетной матерью The actress gave birth to a boy. Olga Krasko accepts congratulations from fans. The actress admitted that the family is the most important thing in her life. For the sake of educating children, she is ready to make a break in work and to refuse roles.
Звезда «Турецкого гамбита» Ольга Красько стала многодетной матерью

At the end of August it became known that the actress Olga Krasko will become a mother for the third time. She tries to keep private life secret from fans. About her interesting position became known after she appeared at the gathering of troupe of theatre of Oleg Tabakov.

On 30 November, the actress celebrated her birthday. That was the day she gave birth to her third child. This is a social network told her boyfriend Eugene Fomochkin. He said that Olga gave her husband Vadim boy.

Звезда «Турецкого гамбита» Ольга Красько стала многодетной матерью

The couple are already growing up older son who was born last spring. Parents gave him the name of Ostap. The actress does not hide that he named an heir in honour of the literary character Ostap Bender. Also Krasko daughter Olesya, who was born in marriage to actor, Director and screenwriter Dmitry Petrunin.

Olga admitted that not afraid to sacrifice their career for the education of children. According to her, when she had children she changed as an actress. Krasko told me that after the birth she had planned theatrical premiere, and after the birth of her second child and third pregnancy she was shooting. Moreover, she won’t be upset if I have to leave work and take care of children. Olga Krasko is ready to leave the profession for a third child

“In the Institute we had a motto: “We are married to the profession”. I never disagreed with him. The rest was considered treason, and you were kind of incompetent actor. I saw the fate of Actresses who in the end remained alone. For me it was a sign: but as to whether you’re only in the profession? Now when I make a choice in favor of the baby, I know it’s ten steps forward. If you act differently, to do the same steps, but ago,” said the artist.

Olga believes that she will always be a role in the theater, and because she is not afraid of the oblivion. For the creative career she snales in movies such as “Copernicus”, “Territory”, “Moscow Greyhound”, “Wolf sun”, “Turkish gambit” and others. She was pleased that her husband fully supports. Krasko said that she met with Vadim in the plane when we were flying on tour. The future husband was the only one in business class who had no relationship to the company. However, gladly accepted an invitation to join their conversation.