The star of “the Turkish gambit” became a mother for the second time

Звезда «Турецкого гамбита» стала мамой во второй раз
Actress Olga Krasko gave birth to a son.

Olga Krasko


The star of the film “Turkish gambit” Olga Krasko at the end of April became a mother for the second time. The actress gave birth to a boy, whom they named Ostap. As admitted to journalists Olga herself, even in early pregnancy they with the child’s father agreed,
what if it’s a girl, her name will come up Olga with his
eldest daughter — Olesya, and if a boy it will be called father. The elect Olga hides from the public. In the close environment of the actress claim that her lover does not belong to the world of cinema and showbiz.

About pregnancy of 34-year-old actress became known in November last year. News about a happy event in life Krasko told her colleagues. Then Olga herself did not comment on his “interesting position” as she prefers not to share personal information with the public. So it was ten years ago, when Olga was pregnant for the first time. In those years she was insanely popular due to the release of the film “Turkish gambit”. Then a buzz that the actress gave birth to a daughter from her partner for filming — the actor Yegor Beroev. And it was a scandal, because Egor — family-oriented, by that time was already married to Ksenia Alferova. Then the paternity is attributed to the Director of “Gambit” by Janik Faiziev. But all these rumors were not confirmed, and the girl’s father was actor, writer and Director Dmitry Petrun. His latest work — the series “pregnancy Test”. He is the Director of seven episodes of the popular project of the First channel.

While Olga has no plans to go to work, and all devoted themselves to motherhood. 10-year-old daughter Olesya helping her mother with the baby, to which is attached from the very first day of his life.

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