The star of “the Sweet life” went on hunger strike in the Altai

Звезда «Сладкой жизни» объявила голодовку на Алтае
Mariya Shumakova is undergoing a 10-day fasting.

Maria Shumakova

Photo: personal archive of the actress

The star of “the Sweet life” Maria Shumakova, which
always been a real guru in issues in the care of the body, is one of Altai
clinics on a unique set of procedures.

“Reveal the secret! I flew to the Altai region to spend
an experiment: 10 days fasting center fasting. I expect
a lot of procedures and a complete lack of food, — said Maria. — Yes, of course I
lose weight, but the goal is to cleanse the body, to bring it into infant Holy
state. Each day I will share their feelings, joys and
difficulties, loss of pounds and emotions. Keep me fingers crossed”.

On the second day of stay in a specialized
the center Shumakova reported that “normal flight”. “The first day of fasting was easy.
Drink a lot of water, — said the actress. — Experienced “Volodarski” promise that
the hardest part will be on the third and sixth day. But in the meantime well begin the day
Punto-fir bath”.

In a recent interview Masha
told about the peculiarities of their food.

“Meat, I barely eat, but vegan without fanaticism, —
shared artist. In winter, for example, when it is cold, you can go to a restaurant and
to eat a rare steak. But generally when I see a Burger or sausage, I
feel anxiety and don’t trust the food at this point. Apparently, because I realize that
the animal was killed, and that there is a powerful negative energy. So warm
the time of year I can easily do without meat: replace chickpeas, hummus — lots where you can
find protein! By the way, the fish I don’t really eat, but I love seafood
the truth is not all: crab like, but the shrimp is somehow “not
kosher”. (Laughs.) Try to drink plenty of water. Water is the best thing that helps
our body. Many refuse it, for fear of swelling, but I have a
there is no problem, the main thing — not to drink for the night. If to accustom the organism to the water, it
will take it for granted. And then health is improved, become
better and skin, and nails, and hair.”

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