Звезда «Сладкой жизни» рассказала о своих комплексах
The actress admitted that she would like a change.

The Lukeria Ilyashenko

Photo: Instagram.com

The lukeria Ilyashenko, who starred in the popular TV series “Sweet life,” sexy Valeria, the yoga teacher, said that was always very dissatisfied with their appearance.

“You know, I’m a man with
terrible complexes, — says the actress. — Want more white teeth, the other an oval face, slit
eyes, shape of lips… Many people say that I give the impression of a confident woman. At
I don’t say it, but I’m really dissatisfied with their appearance. Although only
loved ones know, as I was not sure myself. My boyfriend, for example.
(Smiles.) But nothing, I’m starting to understand that if I am what I am,
popular in his profession, so everything is in order. After all, in order to
to be in a movie, not have to be a supermodel”.

Surprisingly, with such complexes, and experiences because of her looks, the actress admitted that the beautician was only twice in my life.

“Caring for a person at home, nothing special
do, — says the star of the series “Sweet life”. — In the morning well-toned skin the ice cubes out of black tea.
Just brew black tea and then make his ice cubes, and daily
to wipe the face. The main thing for young skin is a good purification: gels,
tonics, specially selected means. In General, if to speak about
beauty, the main thing for me is sleep. If I get enough sleep, then
look great! However, I’m a terrible sleeper, and I need to relax no less
12-13 hours a day. Sometimes there are moments when because of a busy day I
trouble falling asleep, then, I confess, I drink a sleeping pill. So if my output
personal beauty formula, it would look like this: physical activity,
proper nutrition (meat and vegetables) and getting enough sleep”.

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