The star of “the Sweet life” explain why not want to have children

Звезда «Сладкой жизни» объяснила, почему не хочет иметь детей Maria Shumakova became famous a few years ago – after the release of the series on the TNT channel. In the movie the actress plays a caring mother of two sons and business the wife of a businessman. In real life, the actress categorically does not want to have children.
Звезда «Сладкой жизни» объяснила, почему не хочет иметь детей

Maria Shumakova received wide popularity after the release of the multiseries film “Sweet life”. The actress, 29 years old, and in the film her character Natasha slightly over 30, she has two children and a spouse who is cheating on her.

Mary embodied the image of a caring mother and wife, for this role the actress had to gain a few dozen pounds, which added to her age. In real life Shumakova not married and has no children, and, in her confession, while she thought about the baby. The photo with the stroller, which she has published a couple of days ago, blew up the Network. Fans suspected that their favorite artist will soon become a mother. Maria refuted the speculation of the fans.

“In our family new addition! Know there is a lot of moms, so take advice! Now the main choice is the stroller. After trying 50 of them, I realized that it’s like choosing a car. What in the stroller most importantly, how you think?” – asked Maria a few days ago.

Звезда «Сладкой жизни» объяснила, почему не хочет иметь детей “About strollers, child-free and other travel… I Read your comments under the post with a pram. Answer. I’m not expecting a baby and do not even plan yet. Sure cute pregnant may not interfere career: a lot of examples, when the actress starred in the movie before the birth, and then immediately fled to the frame, a few days after. It’s more about responsibility. While I’m willing to bear it only for himself. Want to travel, explore the world and people. All the questions that “soon 30″, just don’t answer. First, medicine has stepped forward widely – IVF, surrogacy and other pleasures of life allow you to become a mother when you’re really ready. In my opinion, is a revolution in women’s life if a few dozen years the woman was guided by a biological clock in the area of family life, now only your desire and willingness. I think it’s crazy cool! About child-free, I know a lot of women who have lived their lives, never giving anyone life. Happy and feel great. The planet, incidentally, quite crowded, and therefore expect from every female offspring, at least, presumptuous!” – informed fans of the actress.
Звезда «Сладкой жизни» объяснила, почему не хочет иметь детей

“Totally agree with you! I was precipitated by the question: “And while you’re about it?” Maybe never. It’s okay to want something or not want”, “I Subscribe to every word!”, “I’m 32, never been married, and the children yet. But! I enjoy life and appreciate all her gifts! The most important is to meet my man and create a happy family! But in any case not to rush,” said the Network users.

Recall, after the “Sweet life” Mary lost a lot of weight and starred in dozens of projects, but way overweight and notorious housewife Natasha is still very recognisable in Russia. Today Shumakova leads an active lifestyle, travels a lot, experimenting with diets as regularly reported in Instagram. Lovers and romances an actress trying to advertise.

“After “the Sweet life” wherever I go in Russia, I see that I was in this city know and love. Come to me woman and say I changed their lives, thank you for my character. Is this popularity and the reverse side: already not easy to come out in my pajamas to the bakery and not be loudly cursing on the phone in the street. Or sometimes you feel bad, and people wanted to be photographed, and to deny them uncomfortable. But it’s all nonsense, of course!” – I said to Maria.