Звезда советского экрана Людмила Хитяева раскрыла правду о бывших мужьях и аборте The actress of theatre and cinema caught the fancy of audiences after roles in the films “the Quiet don”, “virgin soil upturned”, “Gypsy”, “Evdokiya”. Behind Lyudmila Ivanovna – a successful career, but in his personal life Hideaway there were many tragedies and losses.
Звезда советского экрана Людмила Хитяева раскрыла правду о бывших мужьях и аборте

The guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi became a famous actress Lyudmila hityaeva. The star first spoke about three failed marriages and about what regrets so far.

Personal life Hideaway was full of difficulties. The first husband of the actress was actor Alexander Bearingin. In this Union, Lyudmila Ivanovna gave birth to his only son, Paul. Soon, the artist divorced her first husband in the actor’s get-together rumors of infidelity Alexander. Hityaeva are unable to stand it anymore and broke it off in Blockengine.

“With her first husband and I broke up because of gossip. I’ve heard of any, mind clouded over, but I didn’t believe him, even though he tried to justify himself. Only after some time I realized that he was not guilty. Remember: when we divorced, he came to the registry office far too thin. I had a lump in my throat,” – says Lyudmila hityaeva. After termination, the actress for an hour sobbed in the car of her new lover, surgeon Boris Yakobson.

“We learned movie. It is certainly,” claims hityaeva.

Second husband of the actress became a famous surgeon. Boris Yakobson for a long time was courting Lyudmila Ivanovna, sought its location. In the end, the lovers were married. The man had a stomach ulcer, and actress without further ADO, cared for her husband, cooked his soup. Family idyll was broken by the unexpected arrival of Lyudmila Ivanovny from komandirovki on the day before the scheduled date.

“Once I came off the road early and saw he was sitting next to the woman and drank the brandy. The next morning we seriously talked. I said I could forgive him even treason. I was outraged that he drove the woman in the family home,” admitted hityaeva.

By the time encounters with her husband’s mistress, the actress was pregnant with Jacobson. In a fit of hatred to the spouse, the actress had an abortion. “I can not this sin to atone for, suffer from this still,” admits the actress.

According to Lyudmila Ivanovna, she deliberately hurt Boris. The man cried when she found out about the abortion.

Third husband of the actress became Valery Leontiev. The marriage was a happy one, both husband and wife remained faithful to each other. But after the abortion, Lyudmila Ivanovna could not have children. In 20 years of marriage years followed by a divorce. Soon, Leontiev married again. Lyudmila and Valery Leontiev was able to maintain friendly relations, and that the actress helped her ex-husband to find new love. “I his eyes directed at the female cashier” – smiles hityaeva.

At the end of the program, the actress admitted that she always loved, without ceasing, her first husband Alexander. And now would like to turn back time.

“If man lives without sin, he lives his boring life. If I had children, they probably were fine. I would force them to support and care”, – says hityaeva.