Звезда шоу «Уральские пельмени» подогрела слухи о своей беременности Seeing the photo, where Ilana St. George in a tight dress with a distinctly rounded belly, fans immediately decided that the artist of the popular show will be again soon mom.

Ilana recently St. George has been heavily criticized by fans. Fans accused the girl in excessive thinness and expressed concern for her health. This happened after the actress appeared on a social event in black stretch pants and the color shirt. Ilan even had to make excuses, saying she didn’t lose weight last time, same as they were before the birth of her daughter.

Now, her fans suspect that Ilana is expecting her second child. The actress sparked the rumors by posting photos on social network where she again, in a tight spangled dress, and is clearly visible from the rounded belly. “Pregnant?”, – interested in some subscribers. “Yes exactly she was pregnant,” wrote others.

Ilana did not remain silent and responded to all comments, not confirming nor denying the suspicions.

“How funny your guesses. Especially the confident assertions of people who are with me don’t even know,” wrote St. George.

Ilana St. George, nee Isakanova, married the second time for the businessman Vladimir Dyldin. Two years ago, the artist first became a mother, was born the daughter decided to call Diana. After the birth of Ilana fairly quickly came into shape, dropping recruited during pregnancy weight. She gladly shared the secrets of their slimness in the network. And despite the fact that pretty soon became incredibly slim, and now continues actively to engage in the sport.