The star of the show “upside down” lost his leg in an accident

Звезда сериала «Вверх тормашками» лишился ноги в ДТП Ukrainian actor had an accident. Oles Fedorchenko lost control on the highway Lviv-Mukachevo. His motorcycle crashed into a bus. He received serious travmy and is in intensive care.
Звезда сериала «Вверх тормашками» лишился ноги в ДТП

Accidents involving Oles Fedorchenko, notable for the Ukrainian audience for the TV series “upside down” occurred on the highway Lviv-Mukachevo on July 15. The actor was driving a motorcycle. The vehicle skidded on spilled oil. Fedorchenko has not coped with management and crashed into a bus, which followed him to the meeting.

The star of the show suffered multiple injuries and is now in intensive care. He is unconscious and connected to the ventilator. “All the operations that you need to hold already done. He has severe combined injuries, multiple fractures. Doctors are fighting for his life,” said the doctor 8-th city clinical hospital of Lviv.

As reported by his colleague on the series “upside down” Lily Rebrik, close Fedorchenko need financial assistance. Fans pray for his health and help means the spouse of the actor Maria Shevchenko.

Social networks are encouraged to donate blood, which will be useful to the actor. The official community of motorcyclists posted the entry details.

“Near the village of tukhol’ka on the spot of an oil spill, the driver of the motorcycle lost control and collided with the oncoming bus. As a result of collision has suffered a severe polytrauma and traumatic leg amputation. recently he was transferred to hospital No. 8 in Lviv to conduct a major operation. Need nine litres of blood”, — was stated in the post.

34-lenny Oles Fedorchenko works in the Lviv theater. Maria Zankovetska. He is known for his roles Mykola Sadovsky in the play “Maria Zankovetska”, Nazar Stodoly in the eponymous play, Vakula in the performance “Christmas night”. In the series “upside down”, he played the role of Mariana. His character works as a bartender and plays drums. However, the trip to the southern Palmira to the rest totally changes his life.