The star of the show “Trace” was hit by a car

Звезду сериала «След» сбил автомобиль
Alexander Tretyakov has got under foreign car wheels.

Alexander Tretyakov

Photo: Social networks

Alexander Tretiakov, known for his roles in the TV series “Trace” and “the Hoard of Genghis Khan’s grave”, was on the eve hospitalized. As it became known, Alexander was shot down going in reverse the car on the street Kuusinen. The driver admitted that he did not notice the girl-the pedestrian.

By a happy coincidence, now lives Tretyakova no danger. However, physicians diagnosed a fracture of the leg. The circumstances of the incident to set police officers arrived at the scene, where there was hitting.

The series “Trace” is set for release on for ten years. During this time in the filming of the project involved a huge number of domestic actors. The series was three times awarded with TEFI.