Звезды шоу «Голос» спасают жизни
In the final project collected funds for the deaf and blind.

The star of the show “the Voice” save lives

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Fund for the deaf and blind “unity” have taken part in
the finale of the 5th season of “the Voice” on channel one. Income from
audience vote First
channel and have joined the campaign partners will give charity Fund
“Over-unity” — people with simultaneous hearing and vision. On the work
charities in the Studio the “Voices” tell people’s artist
Russia, artistic Director of the Theatre of Nations Yevgeny Mironov.

The main musical TV show of the country “the Voice” from the
the first season holds leadership in the ranking of the most popular programs.
According to the rules of the show, starting with the quarterfinals, viewers by SMS and telephone
voting can, along with mentors live, to influence
who will continue to participate in the contest. And in the final
audience voting determines the winner of the show.

The income collected from the audience voting, the First
channel and partners traditionally donated to charity.
As of December 2015, thanks to the show “the Voice”
and “the Voice. Children” managed to collect almost a third of a billion rubles. Help
received the Konstantin Khabensky charity Foundation, center for support of people with autism
“Anton near here”, the Fund Elizabeth Glinka “Fair help” Fund of assistance
the solution of problems of autism “Exit”, “Rusfond”, the hospice charity Fund “Vera”, funds
“The naked heart”, “give life”, “Mercy” and “life Line”.