The star of the show “the Voice” Kirill Babaev: “In the middle of the speech we with shame ran from the scene…”

Звезда шоу «Голос» Кирилл Бабиев: «На середине выступления нас с позором прогнали со сцены...»
Ward of Grigory Leps said about what it’s like to live in a gym and rehearse, afraid to die from the shock.

Звезда шоу «Голос» Кирилл Бабиев: «На середине выступления нас с позором прогнали со сцены...»

Cyril Babaev

Photo: Press service of the artist

Cyril Babaev afflicting the coaches show “the Voice” on the First
Channel daring “Blind auditions” and performed a rock song “Numb” of Linkin Park, said, what
worked to project, as he was expelled from music College, and why 13
years, it was called a Satanist.

— Kirill, do you
decided on the project “the Voice” and how I got there?

— Like everyone else. For money: he sold one kidney, a guitar, a garage
Bibirevo (laughs). Seriously, come on General terms, was casting.
It’s funny that the previous Voice casting-4 I did not miss. Apparently
the producer do not like my appearance. I looked then, as
goth Jedi, only without the laser sword: all in black robes to his knees. As
have you decided on? I wanted to break the system. Still rock on channel — phenomenon
frequent. For castings and auditions had to sacrifice a few
concerts. Sleep, free time and, of course, nerves were also affected.

— When you opened in
her talent as a singer and a musician?

In 10 years, I started learning to play guitar. To play scales and
the exercise was incredibly boring, but nothing difficult to play then I could not. In
the result was to teach simple songs and accompanying himself on the guitar, humming
them. In 12 years, I finally realized that
classical guitar to me is not enough. I wanted to play rock. And so it happened,
when I was 13 with a school friend put together the first punk band.
The images we have created for ourselves as appropriate: hairstyles-Mohawks, tattered, in
pins, jeans, jackets rivets in “full stuffing”. Adults do not
understand this expression, could not understand him and our peers. Some
called us Satanists, thugs, misfits. The funny thing is that
we rehearsed with a friend in the police Department and spoke at the city
events. One day we were supposed to speak at the dedication of the students.
Agreed on the statement. We had to sing “I am free” Valery Kipelov. But
a few minutes before going on stage decided to roll and sang a song
“Civil defense”. The Director and teachers simply became stupid from such improvisation.
In the middle of a gig we had the sound turned off and ignominiously drove from the scene. Then
we have long included in the black list for such events.

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