The star of the show “the Voice” first met with father

Звезда шоу «Голос» впервые встретился с отцом Vladi Bleiberg never saw dad. The man left his mistress before the birth of a boy. Despite all attempts of the artist to find it failed. Now 33 years later a member of “the Voice” met with their relatives.

      Звезда шоу «Голос» впервые встретился с отцом

      Participant of the popular project of the First channel “Voice” Vladi Bleiberg performed together with his rival Tornike Quotation hit Soso Pavliashvili “Pray for parents”. This performance touched the soul of everyone and forced to cry for mentors and audience. As told after the performance on the stage Vladi, the story in this song was for him of great importance. It turned out that his dad left him before the appearance of the artist to light.

      The coaches of “the Voice” was unable to restrain his emotions

      Andrei Malakhov and edition of the program “Let speak” has decided to find his father Vladi. The young artist came to the Studio to tell his story. As it turned out, the mother of Bleiberg Svetlana decided to open his son the truth. Only your age performer found out the secret that she kept from everyone. Vladi struck by the fact that a parent talked about his own father without anger and reproach.

      “I’m not a lifetime seeking his father. The fact that my father is a stepfather, I learned eight years ago. I thought all my life that I have dad, whose name is Sasha, despite the fact that he left us when I was two and a half years. I grew up without a father,” said the musician.

      Bleiberg remembered that she had come to his native city of Zaporozhye, to find dad, but all attempts were in vain. Edition of the program “Let them talk” found Sergey Kalinin. A man came to the Studio for the first time to see his son. Touching meeting left no one indifferent – the audience and the characters did not keep emotions and cried from happiness.

      Звезда шоу «Голос» впервые встретился с отцом

      Kalinin admitted that he knew about his child, but life circumstances have prevented him to be with him and his mother. Nevertheless, he followed the boy’s success. “On local television in Zaporogie saw Vlad on TV and knew that there was such a relative,” – said the father of the participant “Voices”.

      Experts could not understand how he could leave his beloved in an interesting position and not to participate in the life of Vladimir. Sergei hurried excuse and tell how all was actually.

      “When I learned that Svetlana was in position, she was already familiar with Sasha Ivanov. The wedding took place before I learned about his birth. She did not want to wash dirty linen in public. Sasha Ivanov knew that he was not the father of the boy,” solved the mystery of Kalinin.
      Звезда шоу «Голос» впервые встретился с отцом

      The Studio has also a mother of a participant of “the Voice” Svetlana Yakimenko. She told me that she had to torn between two men. The woman admitted at once to the new boyfriend that she was pregnant. Ivanov agreed to raise the boy as their own.

      Also in the Studio Bleiberg met the family of my biological father – his wife Natalia and half-sister Daria. They were happy to see each other and to find new relatives.