Звезда сериала «Клуб» Катя Кабак: «Каждый день мне делают уколы в живот» The doctors diagnosed actress a blood clot. The role of the Youngsters in the TV series “the Club” spent a week in the hospital. Katya is now the Pub is under the supervision of physicians. Indefinitely she will have to abandon their traditional way of life and to spend days in complete peace.
Звезда сериала «Клуб» Катя Кабак: «Каждый день мне делают уколы в живот»

27-year-old actress Katya Kabak forced the rest of the summer to spend in the four walls – the artist recently discovered in a deep vein of the thigh the clot. She came in for planned tests and informed the doctor about, bothering her a slight pain in his leg from the stretch. However, diagnostics revealed a serious breach in the body.

“I took gurney, and told me that I can’t walk itself, make sudden movements, even coughing. Was taken to surgery, but the operation is not needed. However, seven days later I was in the hospital,” – said Katya “StarHit”.

The star of the show “the Club” was surprised how dramatically her life has changed after the test. A week ago she was discharged from the hospital – now she will have to abandon the sun, traveling by plane, to play sports and not only to wear heels, but even a long walk.

“A week ago I was discharged. Every 5-7 days the examination. Believe it or not, they don’t make any predictions, we look at the dynamics, – says Katya. – They say that there are times when a month comes improvement, the patient returns to normal life, and sometimes the treatment comes to. Of course, I hope that the next month or two to recover. Now my husband makes every day injections, I have them already his stomach was blue. Well that amount for treatment not astronomical – packs of medication for four thousand roubles and lasts for 10 days.”
Звезда сериала «Клуб» Катя Кабак: «Каждый день мне делают уколы в живот»

According to medics Kate, a blood clot in the deep veins is considered one of the most dangerous, because it is almost asymptomatic. She was told that it is a hereditary mutation that can be passed down through generations.

“After I was diagnosed, I immediately called my parents and asked to be examined. Mum’s alright, she found nothing. My dad’s real busy, haven’t checked. It turns out that it is necessary to know whether there is a predisposition, because in that case we will have in the prevention to take medicines”, – said the artist.

Звезда сериала «Клуб» Катя Кабак: «Каждый день мне делают уколы в живот»

Now Kate is trying to tune in to the best and use the time when it is necessary to spend at home, with benefits – she reads books, watches movies. However, discovered the disease had ruined her plans.

Звезда сериала «Клуб» Катя Кабак: «Каждый день мне делают уколы в живот»“I thought in the beginning of August I will be able to relax because I worked all the time. Now I can’t fly. Wanted the train to go to Sochi, but decided not to risk it – because I have to stay under supervision of doctors. Well, that much of the new project I’m leading, we filmed. The team was sympathetic to my situation and wishes of recovery and waiting when I get back,” concluded the artist.