Звезда сериала «Клуб» сбросила 15 килограммов Katya Kabak revealed his diet. The actress said that because of a nervous breakdown, gained weight. After she realized the problem, I decided to lose weight. The artist did not resort to emergency measures, and made plans to become slim in a year.
Звезда сериала «Клуб» сбросила 15 килограммов

Actress Kate Tavern became famous after the role of youngsters in the acclaimed youth series “Club”, which was released in 2006 year. The actress played there as a teenager. After that, she participated in various projects and spared no effort to work. Katya recalls that at the age of 17 she was overwhelmed so didn’t pay attention to the needs of the body. The actress admits that at that time, her only pleasure was food. When she had to go to Kyiv, she had some free time.

“The first thing I went to the store, scored a huge bag of sweets and send them there. Now I realize that it was a nervous breakdown and I should go to a psychologist. But then I didn’t know that. I “knocked” his metabolism. Therefore, the weight loss was not the easiest,” Pub.

When the star of the TV series “the Club” thinking about how to get rid of extra pounds, she was afraid I’d have to sit on a rigid diet. But then revised the attitude to the figure and accepted myself for who I am. But this did not prevent her to develop its system of power and not to exhaust yourself with strict diets. Katya decided it would be to lose weight gradually, but because of the year dropped 15 pounds. She made a diet that mainly consisted of vegetables.

“And, of course, sports. Without it anywhere. More precisely, to lose weight without sport. But who cares about loose skin? I tried to exercise three or four times a week, and to add physical activity where possible. Shooting at the highest floor in the building and all go to the Elevator? I’ll walk. Parked the car away from your destination to walk more,” – said the Pub.

After the actress returned to familiar forms, she realized that such rules of nutrition and lifestyles needs to become a habit, and not to be a temporary solution to the problem. However, Kate has admitted in an interview with PeopleTalk, do not scold yourself a little weakness and sometimes eats something harmful. She understands that it is not necessary to refuse yourself in pleasure, but still trying to stick to a diet.

Now the actress a new stage in life – she became the leader of the “General cleaning” on TV channel “Friday”.