Звезда шоу «Холостяк» дал первенцу необычное имя It became known yesterday that the lover of Yevgeny Levchenko Victoria Koblenko gave the player a lovely baby. Birth of the son model was reported in his microblog. The couple receiving congratulations from friends and acquaintances.

      Participant of the first season of the show “the Bachelor” Evgeniy Levchenko and his beloved Victoria Koblenko became parents. The darling of the Ukrainian footballer gave birth to a boy at a clinic in Holland, where for a long time live steam. The young mother not only told fans the happy news about the new addition to the family, but told in humorous captions to photos, as they called son.

      “Hello, here I am! In my mom’s stomach, of course, was calm and safe, but I really wanted to hug my parents. They’re on pictures, funny, proud and happy. By the way, my mom and dad gave me a name Cue! So let’s meet and communicate,” wrote Victoria under a joint frame with the heir and a happy father Eugene.

      Fans of famous couples suggested that the name of the child given in honor of Prince Kyi, who founded Kiev. Subscribers, Koblenko congratulate their family with the birth of an heir, leaving comments in different languages. “Jack is happy like this. Congratulations, this is the best that can be in life, Vika and Zhenya, congratulations on the birth of son. Health, restful nights, happy days, patience and happiness to your family”, “Congratulations baby!”, such nice words written on the pages of young parents in social networks of their acquaintances and friends.

      We will remind, about pregnancy lady Levchenko became known in April of this year. Eugene personally informed subscribers of his microblog that in a short time in the family expected completion. During the nine months Levchenko tried to be with the beloved every moment. Victoria chose even in late pregnancy continue to appear in advertising projects. Together with Eugene, she appeared on the cover of one of the Dutch edition. Also the future mother took part in a fashion photo shoot for a Belgian brand, trying on outfits that emphasize her interesting position.

      The end of the story: why break up couples from “the Bachelor”

      The first time Eugene and Victoria are unable to build a happy life together. They met in a long time, but then broke up. Levchenko went to the project “the Bachelor” looking for his only. After the show, the player sparked the affair with Olesya Ermakova won in hard struggle for the heart of the athlete. They met only nine months, but their relationship was not destined to end with a wedding: love could not overcome distance as a young man and the girl lived in different countries. After that Levchenko realized that can’t live without, Coblence and came back to her.

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