The star of the show “Season of love” Ales Kacher: “getting Ready for the wedding!”

Звезда сериала «Сезон любви» Алеса Качер: «Готовлюсь к свадьбе!» The actress shared the changes in his personal life. Ales Kacher told what Parallels it may hold between the fate of the heroine Ali and EN. The actress admitted that she would like to adopt some traits of the character.
Звезда сериала «Сезон любви» Алеса Качер: «Готовлюсь к свадьбе!»

Today on the First channel premiered the series “Season of love”. In the story of three friends Nadia, Ale and Sasha looking for love. The story unfolds over 12 years – during this time the girls tried to arrange a personal life.

Actress Alex Kacher has played a major role – a beautiful Ale. The actress has sympathy for his heroine, and therefore it was not difficult to create the desired image. Despite the fact that the film’s Director Karineh Foliants searched the blonde at the audition, the artist was the most convincing of all the candidates.

“My Ale is insanely naive – do blonde jokes. In the story, she is an orphan, the youngest of three friends. Unconditionally believes men, in which falling in love often burns and even falls into the hands of a crook. Ale, the goodness and naivety, constantly stepping on the same rake. Fortunately, her lover is a childhood friend who loved her life and was always there in joy and in sorrow,” – said Kutcher “StarHit”.

The actress can draw Parallels between the fate of the heroine. Next year she is going to marry the chosen one, who is also not the first time he was able to win her heart.

“I’ve been looking for your love. Always was obstinate and picky – any man who tried to win the hand and heart, never had a desire to create a family with him. Mom advised to look around, assuring that happiness is sometimes very close, among true friends, you just need to consider it and give a chance. I protested. But in the end mom was right. With my beloved initially we were just friends for almost a year because I didn’t take him seriously. But he was persistent – surrounded with attention and care, beautifully looked after, arranged surprises, solved my problem, shared my joy and were a shoulder support in difficult times. We always had fun and easy together! And one day I suddenly realized that I can’t do without this men no step. More precisely – do not want! Want to fall asleep with him and Wake up, I want to share all the news, happiness, life! And I said, “Yes.” Now I’m the bride, wear the ring on the ring finger! And next year we’ll be married”, – said Ales.

The actress is very connected with her character and even found that wants to adopt some of her qualities. Impressed by her that Ale – natured man who’s got no judgment. It is indulgent to human vices and willing to forgive even those who hurt her.

“I’m a difficult person, I’m emotional, straightforward and quite bossy – want everything to be my way. Ale is not so, it is smooth, not contradict. Sometimes I really miss it. I’m working on that,” admitted Ales.

The girl said that the shooting took place in October and November on the black sea coast in Feodosiya. Ales remembered that while working on some of the summer scenes it was very cold, there was a strong sea breeze, and the temperature did not exceed 10 degrees. According to the actress, warm warm the atmosphere and love for the profession.

The role of the older girls in the film were performed by Natalia Antonova and Olga Chudakova. Despite the fact that during the filming of many actors converged at the end of the project, few people retains a close relationship.

“Girls, I created a text chat called “Girlfriends”. There we often corresponded, met several times over a Cup of tea. Natasha Antonova this year together walked the red carpet of the closing ceremony of the festival. Then the whole evening kept secrets in the cosy café. I believe that this relationship is a rarity”, – said Ales.