Звезда сериала «Оптимисты» встала к станку
Evgenia Brik got rid of the stoop, which you didn’t even notice

Photo: Gregory Shelukhin

After watching the TV series “the Optimists”, which played a major role, Eugene was upset. “I first noticed that slouch!” During the filming no one told her about it. However, it is unlikely she would pay attention to it, if for eight months, not closely involved in sports. “On the day of birth this past September I was given a pass to class at the bench and stretching. I started to go to training, and the first time I was able to do the splits, which I never knew. Once I tried yoga, but felt it not my all the time was in suspense. Some time was engaged in Boxing, but not for long. Although Boxing gloves were still somewhere lying around the house.” Not fond of the actress and Jogging, while in Los Angeles, where they live, she and her husband, film Director Valery Todorovsky, run all. “I would rather the dog for a walk briskly,” she says. But the press and the stretching approached her perfectly. “For him my stubbornness surprisingly — continues the actress. — Asks today: “where are You going?” Answer: “stretching”. — “Do you really want to go there?” — he is perplexed. My husband always knew I only wanted coffee and cake. But now, thanks to the machine I achieved excellent results: back straightened, the muscles tightened and the body is in good shape!”

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