The star of the show “one in One!” Vadim Kazachenko almost died riding without a license

Звезда шоу «Один в один!» Вадим Казаченко чуть не погиб, катаясь без прав After surviving the shock, the artist once and for all decided not scorch. Story, Vadim Kazachenko got many years ago, taught him a lot – he now understands that the road to think about security and not about how to get to the destination.

      Звезда шоу «Один в один!» Вадим Казаченко чуть не погиб, катаясь без прав

      Modern Moscow is so crowded with cars that people stuck in traffic jams half the day, and then struggle to find a Parking space. To buy a foreign car even 18-year-old student, with a Bank loan. But in the early 90s, things were different. Good cars were only tough guys – criminals, and ordinary could only dream of four-wheeled friend. Therefore, when the soloist of group “freestyle” Director of staff handed the keys to their “Zhiguli” VAZ-21013, musician’s happiness knew no bounds. The head could already afford a new car, and the old iron horse gave Kazachenko. The only singer at that time has not yet managed to obtain a driving license and had no practice of management by car.

      In our time the fresh Prince, which is still touring and preparing to release a new solo album, drives an expensive car, and 90 for the purchase of such toys just don’t have the money. “Still in high school, I graduated from training industrial, specialty “truck driver”, – says Vadim Kazachenko, the star of the show “one in One!” on TV channel “Russia 1”. – I was given direction for the rights, but I didn’t get. So driving cars never sat, but was itching…

      When he became the proud owner of “Zhiguli”, to stop me was impossible! I was shown the basics of management, and my first day went with the Lomonosov Prospekt in the hotel “Sevastopol” where then lived. Slowly trained to ride. If I was stopped by traffic cops, paid off cassettes, photos “Freestyle” and autographs. To learn how better to control the car, I went to his native Poltava. The distance is 900 miles covered in 30 hours. Arms, legs hurt. The house was a few hours before midnight. Olivier ate, drank champagne. And on the 2nd of January, returned to Moscow. That day I realized that finally I drive a car, but he is not me.

      Звезда шоу «Один в один!» Вадим Казаченко чуть не погиб, катаясь без прав

      In February I had a break – three days! I again went, this time in Ulyanovsk region. There at that time were for my girl. The calculation was like this: 16 hours on the way there, a day with lover, returning to Moscow on a plane to Yerevan. The band has a scheduled concert in Armenia. In Ulyanovsk the bridge through Volga I suddenly realized I had the dates wrong and I left just two days. The planned day has been reduced to two hours. What kind of romance! NAP for a couple hours, drank coffee and ran in the opposite direction. Was floored that it was urine. And when we were 100 km from Moscow, on the icy road left in a ditch. Whole life swept before my eyes. Saved me, apparently, only snow drifts, buffered shot. I was in shock. My hands were shaking and didn’t listen to me. Luckily, only had minor injuries. You see, while winter tires simply did not exist. All Soviet and post-Soviet citizens remember the model БЛ85 Belotserkovsky tire plant. Now I understand that such pirouettes on the ice on the car could cost me my life, but then I was young and frivolous. A little when I tried to free the car from snow bondage with entrenching tool. Helped the driver of “KAMAZ”, which pulled “the Zhiguli” the rope. The enthusiasm I was trying to go faster to get to the airport. But, when I again brought it a couple of times, left all attempts to drive. Life is more expensive.

      Звезда шоу «Один в один!» Вадим Казаченко чуть не погиб, катаясь без прав

      After reaching Moscow I called the Director of the group from the first phone. Reported that is alive and well, but missed the plane. The Manager tried to scold me, but when I learned that I nearly died and told me to drive home to pack your bags immediately and in “Vnukovo”, they say, will agree, and I will be sent the next flight. Previously, because in Armenia flew? It was like riding in a bus when I fill all possible places for landing. Passengers even on the floor and the stairs flew, leading to the Luggage compartment “Il-86”. I was allocated a side chair in the kitchen along with the flight attendants. Girls fed and poured some tea. Tension in the body weakened, the mind cleared, then it came to me that was on the verge of death…

      In Yerevan I landed, when “freestyle” was singing on the arena of the sports Palace. Because I slightly rebuilt the program. In the end, the performance was successful, and at the end of the scene lay the flowers layer thickness of half a meter. So ended my winter trip. Since I’m not the speeder. From the former levity had not gone. I will always remember that caution and vigilance on the roads does not harm anyone else”.

      Звезда шоу «Один в один!» Вадим Казаченко чуть не погиб, катаясь без прав

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