Звезда шоу «Однажды в России» отметил день рождения на работе

Wife and colleagues of Azamat Musagalieva gave the actor the same gifts.

His 32nd birthday Azamat Musagaliev met on the set of the show “Once in Russia”. The first actor was congratulated by wife Victoria – as a surprise she ordered to the site the cake in the shape of a guitar. A little later, the creative producer of the show “Once in Russia” David Callev also gave the birthday boy a guitar, not only edible, but real. Colleagues at the show gave Azamat Cajon is a musical instrument that combines a stool and a drum.

“Apparently, the guys saw that I was often tapping, sitting on a stool, so he bought me this unusual musical instrument, told Woman’s Day Azamat. — To be honest, I don’t really like my birthday. This is probably due to the weather. In my country this time of year, rain, sleet, however, in Moscow too, it’s not changed much. Each new birthday is the end of the next stage, and I want to believe that next year will be even more interesting and saturated with events. Want that children did not hurt that the sun was shining… And all the rest do not depend on the dreams and goals of a particular person”.

According to Azamat, a great holiday is not planned, too much work. But the next day Musagalieva will gather in the quiet family circle, and celebrate my mother’s birthday of the actor. She was born on 26 October and on this day especially coming from Astrakhan to Moscow.

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Azamat Musagaliev was born October 25, 1984 in the city of Kamyzyak, began his career in the KVN team “national Team kamyzyakskogo edge” in 2014, debuted in the show “Once in Russia” on TNT, but in 2015 he was invited to the TV series “Interns” on the role of a doctor Timur Alubaeva. Now he still leads the program “Where is the logic?” on TNT. The actor is married and has two daughters, Rosie and Milan.