Звезда шоу "Моя полная жизнь" Уитни Уэй Тор о скандальной российской рекламе и диагнозе

Whitney Way Tor

34-year-old Whitney way, Thor, star transfer “My full life” on TLC, became popular after he published his incendiary video, which she called “Dancing fat girl”. However, the Russian users of the network name for this native of Greensboro (North Carolina), which fights against discrimination based on weight, became known only after the release of the controversial advertising “Tanuki”.

According to the authors, the photo was a picture of two girls with different figures. One of them ate “Tanuki” and a picture of a second, larger model (talking about Thor), accompanied by the inscription “After a hike in the go-go’s pizza.” Users did not appreciate the “creative” and accused the company tetramine. Oil poured into the fire, and the fact that Whitney was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, one of the possible manifestations of which is the sharp obesity.

SPLETNIK.RU tells the story of a girl, and obstetrician-gynecologist and fertility specialist explains what is special about this disease and how it affects weight gain.

14 Feb in Facebook network “Tanuki” there was a shot from the advertising campaign “Your girl tonight”. It depicted two women: one size plus size — “after going to go-go pizza”, the other model looks — “after going to “Tanuki”. Less than an hour, as under the post gained hundreds of comments with accusations of sexism, bodyshaping and contempt of women. Three hours later the ill-fated post was deleted. Instead, it appeared the apology, but the aftertaste, as they say, was…

Звезда шоу "Моя полная жизнь" Уитни Уэй Тор о скандальной российской рекламе и диагнозе
Dear users, members and visitors, we apologize for the inappropriate creativity. Recognize that went too far. I wanted to be provocative, but the sense of proportion has left us. I especially want to emphasize that we did not know about the disease Whitney Thor, and in any case did not want to hurt people with health problems. Forgive us, please. We won’t do it!

One of the heroines of the advertising campaign, unwittingly, became Whitney way tor. She dances, takes popular worldwide videos, filmed his own programme on channel TLC “My life” and directs the social movement NoBodyShame supporting and protecting people who are overweight.

Звезда шоу "Моя полная жизнь" Уитни Уэй Тор о скандальной российской рекламе и диагнозе

One of the fans wrote to Whitney that she thinks about negligent advertising.
I think that is complete nonsense. I also eat sushi! she responded on Twitter.

Whitney, by the way, you can take a video with my dancing in 2014.


And soon after, she received an email from the TLC with an offer to shoot your own show.
I was thin until I was 18 years old. And it’s funny to say this now, because at the time I felt fat, I always thought that was thin enough. I had eating disorders since I was twelve, right up to the point until I went to College. I struggled with bulimia and anorexia. Almost stopped doing everything I loved.

I became ashamed of myself because of my weight and even cause vomiting after meals. When I turned 18, I was very quick to gain weight. I gained about 23 pounds. It was like a social experiment when you put a suit on a fat man and I go to walk around the city to see how to react around. Guys who once considered me an attractive young woman, began to pass by. Literally overnight my whole life changed radically.


Thor was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which provoked such severe obesity.

Звезда шоу "Моя полная жизнь" Уитни Уэй Тор о скандальной российской рекламе и диагнозе

Lyubov Vinogradova, obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist, PhD clinic CIDC:

According to the clinical recommendations in polycystic ovary syndrome, the formation of abdominal obesity in connection with the presence of insulinorezistentnost.

Among other signs of this disease: hyperandrogenism (increased levels of male hormones), hirsutism (increased hair growth), the lack of a normal menstrual cycle or lack of menstruation, multifollicular ovaries according to the ultrasound, the ovaries increased in size, perhaps the development of acne.

The expert explained that insulin resistance is a condition in which increases the concentration of insulin in plasma compared with physiological values for the concentration of glucose. As a consequence, this leads to obesity and a high risk of hypertension. Doctor sure if to adjust the power, knowing its history and peculiarities of the organism, such a heavy metabolic syndrome can be avoided.

According to the clinical recommendation of the Ministry of health and the endocrine society (Endocrine Society), so people should reduce the amount of food intake and increase physical activity. It is a prerequisite of the treatment. Pharmacotherapy (treatment with medicines) are patients with a body mass index > 30 kg/m2 or a body mass index > 27 kg/m2 in the presence of at least one of the following complications: hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes mellitus of the second type, SLA (General adaptation syndrome). When body mass index more than 40 kg/m2 or 35 kg/m2 in the presence of complications associated with obesity, we recommend the use of bariatric surgery.Moving to Korea

After College, Thor moved to Korea to teach English. There, she was faced with this discrimination. She lived in Daegu for four years, and every day people on the street showed a finger at her and laughed. When she got into a taxi, the driver could easily ask her either about the weight or about a favorite food, or just grunt in greeting.

Звезда шоу "Моя полная жизнь" Уитни Уэй Тор о скандальной российской рекламе и диагнозе

This prompted Thor to lose weight when she returned home to America, but in fact, her condition only worsened. When after a grueling workout someone drove by and called her fat, the girl realized that she is trying to make other people happy and not myself. Since then, Thor has focused on how to feel comfortable in your own body.


Whitney breaks down stereotypes about what plus-size models in the fitness room is not a frequent guest. It deals with Ryan Andreas, who developed a programme for it daily workout No BS Active (it lasts only 24 minutes).
I said I don’t want to focus on weight loss, I don’t want to weigh myself after every workout, I just want to train. And for the first time in my entire life I actually lost weight effortlessly. Now I train because it makes me feel good. It literally changed my whole life. And this is the message I want to convey to people. Exercise is not only weight loss but also many other advantages.


There are those who perceive the word “fat” as an insult, but Whitney way Thor is definitely not one of them.

My attempt to become a healthier person is trying to get rid of the idea that fat women are inherently bad, and that the word “fat” is an adjective with negative connotations like lazy and ugly. I finally realized that I no longer believe in it. I want to continue to use that word to make it more familiar. The fact that we don’t believe that fat women can be happy, but they are two completely unrelated things.

Звезда шоу "Моя полная жизнь" Уитни Уэй Тор о скандальной российской рекламе и диагнозе

Of fame

To be known — is definitely difficult. I feel pressure, I should always say and do the right thing — which, of course, I do not. Easy to say the right things in interviews, but not when the camera watching you all day! The most difficult is to deal with you condemning people who have seen ten hours of your life and think they know everything about you.

Звезда шоу "Моя полная жизнь" Уитни Уэй Тор о скандальной российской рекламе и диагнозе

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