Звезда сериала «Кухня» Валерия Федорович тайно родила сына Some time ago the young actress happened replenishment in the family. Recently Valery Fedorovich no longer hide this good news from the public. The actress quickly lose pounds gained during pregnancy.
Звезда сериала «Кухня» Валерия Федорович тайно родила сына

25-year-old Valery Fedorovich, who played in the TV series “Kitchen”, “farewell, my love…” and “Hotel Eleon”, a few months ago became a mother. About the joyous event in her life, the actress said at the awards “high five!” Valerie received the award in the nomination “Favorite actress”. When F. came on stage, she was unable to restrain his emotions and shared good news.

Fans of Valerie even could not think that she is going to become a mother. The actress did not advertise the upcoming birth of a child and very quickly come in shape after childbirth.

“Maybe nothing and admitted that three months ago I had a baby. But today I saw such cute, talented kids and I have just tipped the scales of emotions”, – said the artist.
Звезда сериала «Кухня» Валерия Федорович тайно родила сына

Journalists contacted Valerie to see the details of the replenishment in the family. The actress prefers not to disclose the child’s name. According to Yanukovych, all the time. TV star is going to wait until the baby is a little older. Only then Valery will present the son of the public.

“Yes, my son was born. I want to wait until he’s a little older. Let it will be at least six months, and then reveal the secret as it is called,” shared the actress to reporters.

Viewers were sympathetic to Valeria’s desire to keep secret the details of his personal life. Fans of the actress left her warm wishes on social networks. According to them, the artist will be a wonderful mother. “Dear beloved Valeria! We hasten to congratulate you on this important event in your life! Let the baby grow healthy and happy!” – wrote the group in “Vkontakte”, dedicated to Yanukovych.

About who is the father of the child, Valerie, is unknown. At the time, the actress concealed her divorce from actor Maxim Onishchenko. The fact that the couple broke up, it became known last year. According to Valerie, he was her first love. The ex-lover had managed to leave without scandals.

“At one time I didn’t really advertise the wedding, and then our divorce. Nothing original, no passionate dramas. How many early marriages, ours was short-lived. But we managed to stay in good relations”, – said the actress 7days.ru.

Valery Fedorovich was born in August 1992. After graduation from VTU Shchepkin actress started acting in movies and play in theater. In the popular series STS “Kitchen” actress got the role of the daughter of the chef Barinova.