The star of the show “heads and tails” was subjected to humiliation girls

Звезда шоу «Орел и решка» подвергся унижениям девушки Anton Lavrentiev did not resist the will of the ladies. The musician presented a new video for the song Monami, who was looking forward to all the fans of the musician. They were surprised that the artist departed from the usual romantic image, and appeared in such a provocative role.

The star of the show “heads and tails. Shopping” Anton Lavrentiev presented his new video called Monami. The young man had long prepared the shooting for three months he worked in the gym to attain a toned body, which could dream of every girl. In the clip, the Lavrentiev falls into the power of his beloved. She behaves with Anton very provocatively – she strings him to the ceiling, beats costatum and whip, but in the end still can not cope with passion and rushes into his hot embrace.

Звезда шоу «Орел и решка» подвергся унижениям девушки

Anton is pleased that after the release of songs from his debut album “My journey”, the single entered the top of the Russian iTunes. Fans of creativity of the musician was looking forward to the release of the video Monami and was pleased with the result.

“Wow, very cool video, Positive and interesting video, well done, good luck”, “good idea and quality performance – a pleasure to watch. Class!” – wrote netizens after watching the clip.

To create movie Anton Lavrentiev decided to apply to the Director Sergei Shanovich. The artist was impressed by the professional to the movements, which he could transfer and work on the clip. Fans also noted that the musician has departed from his usual romantic style, and had the courage to take such a provocative and sometimes hard roller.

“We with Sergey Chanovice I wanted to do something together. Monami is old enough, a romantic song, we decided to add contrast and I think we did it, – said the Lavrentiev. – With the main character, actress Anastasia Mikhailova, we seem to have swapped roles. It turned out sometimes hard, even probably challenging, but like everything we do is about the experience of love, even if it is traumatic”.