The star of the show “heads and Tails” Nastya Ivleva suffered heavy mountain sickness

Звезда шоу «Орел и Решка» Настя Ивлеева тяжело перенесла горную болезнь
Crew of the popular travel project in Bolivia are faced with trouble.

Photo: Instagram

Anyone who still thinks that the work in the show “heads and Tails” nice and easy, has dedicated his post in social networks Anastasia Ivlieva, leading the project “Reset”. She told me with what difficulty she has faced and all the crew in Bolivia filming the next season of transmission.

“In Bolivia height above sea level 4.100 meters! — she wrote. — At the airport on arrival, I had no clue how complicated will these shooting days… Was as bad. His head ached so that in addition to five tablets of Advil at one time could not help anything. Those who have experienced mountain sickness will understand. Nausea, weakness, tears with all that had to be removed the program and to be in the frame most positive! Breathed and came to herself only when, flying home, boarded the plane and there was the sealing of the air!»

Once the “eagle and Tails” are already faced with mountain sickness. But then — during the world tour — suffered Regina todorenko and her crew. They rose to a high altitude too quickly. The fact that the rules and without harm to health had to overcome at least five days, the TV people have gone in half a day. But from mountain sickness may even lead to death!

By the way, recently the number of “lucky”, then leading the show arrived. General Director of TV channel “Friday!”Nicholas Kartozia announced that blogger Mary Humayun adopted the role of leading Marine season “Tails”, and to “heads and Tails. Russia” will the girl from Abakan Olga Antipova.

Casting the leading “heads and Tails” lasted more than a month and were conducted personally by the permanent head “Friday.”Nicholas Kartozia. Try your luck at the selection could have absolutely any girl — as a professional leading and a fan of the project. To participate, candidates were required to send Nicholas minute video telling about yourself and your favorite place.

In addition, the General Director of “Friday!”he called some names of girls who appealed to him for his work in casting. One of them Kartozia called leading a new project, “Peace away for free”, and three more brought in the shortlist for the domestic production base.