The star of the show “heads and tails” boasted of inflated body

Звезда шоу «Орел и решка» похвастался накачанным телом The actor trained hard in the gym and dieting. Anton Lavrentiev decided to hit fans with a bare torso. For a new clip of the young man went to some sacrifices and diligently achieved their goal.

      Звезда шоу «Орел и решка» похвастался накачанным телом

      Anton Lavrentiev is ready to surprise his fans raised body. The star of the show “heads and tails. Shopping” for three months worked hard in the gym, observe a strict diet to have courage to be naked in front of the camera. The musician was pleased with the result, which sought to achieve, no matter what. An updated look he is preparing to hit fans in the new video for the song Monami.

      The actor said that viewers will see him in a completely unexpected way. Although the song is quite tender and melodic, the movie was pretty intense.

      “This video is about love, but hard, sometimes defiant. The idea of video belongs to Director Sergei Shanovich. In my opinion, it’s a brilliant idea. Due to the personal embodiment of such a scenario, the song “Monami” reveals a new side. In preparation for the filming of the video took me three months of fierce training and an even more severe diet. But the goal helped to achieve the result, I understand why, and for what it’s doing. I admit that during filming, sometimes it was really painful. But I had to endure to make this look realistic,” said Anton Lavrentiev.
      Звезда шоу «Орел и решка» похвастался накачанным телом

      According to the artist, the filming of the clip lasted more than twelve hours. During this time, Anton Lavrentyev had to go through torture and pain. As planned, the artist for ten hours relentlessly beaten and tortured using electric shockers, whips, brass knuckles and edged weapons, as well as doused with ice water. Suspended from the ceiling of the pavilion Lavrentyev had to spend a few hours.

      Director of the clip became Sergey Shanovich, and a statement was made by Pavel Kapinos. The video release is scheduled for the end of March.

      Звезда шоу «Орел и решка» похвастался накачанным телом

      The song Monami, which was filmed, was included in the debut artist album “My journey”, which is already available for pre-order on iTunes.