The star of the show “Happy together” Yulia Zakharova’s threatening ex-husband and his wife

Звезда сериала «Счастливы вместе» Юлия Захарова угрожает бывшему мужу и его жене The actress found out contentious issues in the program “really”. Julia Zakharova broke up with Doronin in December 2017. However, Alexander and his civil wife Anna are fearful of inappropriate behavior to women.
Звезда сериала «Счастливы вместе» Юлия Захарова угрожает бывшему мужу и его жене

The star of the show “Happy together” Yulia Zakharova was married to Alexander Doronin. Before the actress, who played Lena Wood, met a man, he was a civilian spouse. Zakharov allegedly broke them up and took Sasha in the period when his fiancee Anna decided serious health problems. Now Doronin returned to the woman. But they argue that Julia threatens them. Anne Lefter met with Zakharova in the Studio “actually”.

“I received threats in his address that “I can’t live” that she will cause harm to my health. I feel fear. We recently got married with Alexander. I suspect Julia, because she behaves inappropriately towards Alexander,” said Anna.
Звезда сериала «Счастливы вместе» Юлия Захарова угрожает бывшему мужу и его жене

Julia sent the woman some time ago a letter in which Anna saw the threat. When Lefter met Sasha, she passed the rehabilitation period after a serious accident. According to the woman, Zakharova knew about its existence, having met Alexander.

“I was dependent on him. I had two terrible diagnosis: one from neuroscience, the other in Oncology” – shocked all Anna.

Alexander flirted with Julia, but didn’t tell her that he has a girlfriend. Five days after they met he told her about Anna and her disability. Lefteri believes Zakharov unstable woman.

Звезда сериала «Счастливы вместе» Юлия Захарова угрожает бывшему мужу и его жене

In the middle of the transfer came to the Studio Alexander Doronin. He noticed that Julia had committed inappropriate behavior. “She went crazy,” explained the man. However, the star of “Happy together” also has its own requirements.

“He deprived me of confidence. Throughout our life together, he has demonstrated the highest level of charisma and talent that I was not for that love,” said Julia.

The actress admitted that the ex-husband beat her. During questioning the experts revealed that Doronin began a relationship for their own benefit, believing that they will help him with his career.

“You were kicking me in the face. Once you ran off, leaving me battered in the apartment… my jaw was curtailed once”, – says Zakharov.

Alexander lied on the lie detector that has laid a hand on his ex-wife. However, Julia herself is also not remain in debt. The singer even caught husband cheating.

Familiar star and colleague on the series “Happy together” Victor Loginov remembered that Zakharova loved spouse, she has glistening eyes. “The man put himself inside the demon. This man got her hooked on drugs. I guess. They moved for the winter in one place, in the summer looking for an apartment,” – said the actor.

Lie detector Doronin confessed that he cheated on Zakharova. In turn, Julia was faithful to her husband. Experts have found that close Zakharova could threaten sachet. Julia tried to get out of the situation, but many responses acknowledged a lie. The broadcast ended with a scandal as Zakharova began to argue about the correct operation of the detector.