The star of the show “Happy together” was hurt in an accident

Звезда сериала «Счастливы вместе» покалечилась в ДТП

The former civil husband of the popular singer Anastasia Stotskaya, he’s the actor from the TV series “Happy together” Alexey Sekirin has suffered a frontal collision with a foreign car drove into the oncoming lane.

It is reported that from hitting the actor cut his forehead and a badly cut hand, but this is only the beginning of what could happen – the car Sekirina not be repaired.
Alex went to the birthday colleagues Natalia Bican, but the destination is not reached. In his car at full speed into the back of another car – a female driver lost control and crossed into the oncoming lane. Two serendipitously escaped with minor injuries and refused hospitalization.
“I was a forehead cut hand. I was lucky I was wearing a seat belt. The girl is also all right, she bandaged his head and advised me to be careful. I have an insurance company that I will pay everything,” says Alex.