The star of the show “er” Anthony Edwards has experienced harassment Director Gary Goddard

Звезда сериала «Скорая помощь» Энтони Эдвардс пережил домогательства режиссера Гэри Годдарда

55-year-old American actor Anthony Edwards, known for the TV series “er”, “Saturday night live”, told about the events that happened to him in childhood. In his message, he blamed the 63-year-old filmmaker Gary Goddard in harassment and violence against minors.

Звезда сериала «Скорая помощь» Энтони Эдвардс пережил домогательства режиссера Гэри Годдарда

The actor said that in his youth he tried to deny it, because there were rumors about Gary Goddard, who molested minors. “When I was 14, mom asked me to explain honestly come down to it the rumors about Gary Goddard, who was my mentor, teacher, friend and pedophile. Last I tears denied then. I could not resist this truth, because my self-esteem dulled in a gang of five friends in which head there was this sick man who embodied the figure of the father. I met Goddard when I was 12 years old, and he quickly became a dominant force in my life. He taught me to value action, to respect the friendship, understand the importance of the study. Pedophiles prey on the weak. With his own father, who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after the war, I had no emotional connection. And we need it all, and I was no exception in this sense. Goddard used my vulnerability – tried to seduce me and my best friend was raped. This went on for years, and our gang was silent,” he writes in his report, the actor.

Producer and Director Gary Goddard have been accused of such. In his message, he explained why neither he none of his peers did not report the crimes. “Why? One of the consequences of violence against children is that victims often feel deeply responsible if it is their fault. Controlling the victim, the attackers use the natural need of the child – attachment. Victims are required to play by the rules of the offender, otherwise will be expelled from the familiar world to them. Criminals successfully control this little world based on fear. The use of fear to control and manipulation can be both obvious and subtle. Attackers often use the word “love” to explain his horrible actions. They cause enormous damage to the emotional development of the child. Only after I was able to separate themselves from this experience, to perform, to put everything in its place, I was able to understand and accept this truth. For too many years I lived with the idea that love has conditions, that it is not unconditional,” says the actor.

To deal with his childhood trauma helped Edwards psychotherapist. “I was lucky enough to undergo psychotherapy and to meet other victims of violence. Shame thrives in isolation, but loses its power when people get together and share a similar experience. 22 years ago I met with Gary Goddard at the airport. He swore in his remorse and said that he’s cured. I felt temporary relief. Temporary it was because four years ago I came across the press for information about the new charges Goddard in violence. I broke out in a rage. 51 year friends advised me a therapist specializing in such experience. I had to ask for help, and very glad I finally did it,” says the actor.