Звезда сериала «ЧОП» Артур Гальченко стал отцом
The actor had a son.

Звезда сериала «ЧОП» Артур Гальченко стал отцом

Arthur Galchenko with son Robert

Photo: ТНТ4

The day of the premiere of the series “chop” on ТНТ4, namely September 9, one of the main
roles Arthur Galchenko, known as blogger Sam Nickel, became a father for the second
time. The actor’s son was born weighing 4050 grams and growth 55 centimeters.

“Hurrah! This morning our son was born — Robert — shared
Arthur! — Thank you all for the congratulations. Robert is very similar to big SIS
Agatha. We have it was born 12.12., and Robert – 09.09. The real magic is the second
magic child!”

By the way, the wife of Arthur Filareta is also popular
blogger. Now the family is already raising a daughter Agatha. In addition to acting
activities Arthur the Gal lives an active social life. Now
time he, along with his daughter Agatha to take part in the charity Fund
“Happy world” called “Star auction”. Promised that the winner will go to
chocolate Atelier with Sam Nickel and Agatha and eating chocolate
the rest of my life.

Newborn Robert

Photo: ТНТ4

Arthur Galchenko became famous on television after the role of security guard-rookie
in the TV series “chop” on ТНТ4 who dreams of becoming a famous musician. Hero
stuck at work, as he falls in love with the employee of beauty salon the three bears.
He learns to rejoice in ordinary things and never give up in any difficult