The star of the show “big Bang Theory” lost the head from love

Звезда сериала «Теория большого взрыва» потеряла голову от любви
Kaley cuoco refused to sign a prenup.

Звезда сериала «Теория большого взрыва» потеряла голову от любви

Kaley Cuoco


Girlfriend 31-year-old kaley cuoco, who plays one
of the main roles in the hugely successful TV show “big Bang Theory”,
concerned. The fact that the actress
risks losing a considerable part of his fortune. She is preparing to marry
by her boyfriend Charles cook, however, refused
to sign with it the contract.

Meanwhile, kaylie have something to lose. After all, it
the state in 2016 amounted to $ 45 million. And last year
the producers agreed to pay cuoco 1 million dollars per episode. In
the total for last year earned 26 million. And if developments in
her upcoming marriage with cook will lead to divorce, she will inevitably lose half
of his fortune.

However, cuoco so sure about your fiance that
considers it unacceptable to subject him to such “humiliation”. It is, as told
friend of the actress, configured unwavering optimistic about the prospects
my marriage, as I’m sure Carl is her “soulmate”, its related

This attitude of the actress all the more surprising that it only last spring, has completed
divorce proceedings with her second husband, Ryan Sweeting, who made
everything to “squeeze” out of Kelly as much money as possible. Then it was only saved by
having a wedding contract. But even so, Ryan managed to beat her
spousal alimony. And now cuoco Sweeting pays for 165 thousand dollars in
year. Of course, Carl, unlike Ryan’s claim to a wealthy man.
That, however, does not mean that in the event of divorce and, in the absence of
of the contract, he will not fight for their
“legitimate” share.

Kaley cuoco and Carl cook