Звезда сериала «Анна-детективъ» освоила турецкий язык
Aleksandra Nikiforova became a teacher for children of the Turkish Sultan.

Aleksandra Nikiforova

Photo: Press service

Star of TV series “Anna-detective” by Alexander Nikiforov
continues to conquer the domestic film industry. The actress has starred in a large-scale
international television film “Sultan of my heart”: it produces “Studio
KIT” jointly with the international company Global Connection International Media Group
specifically for the First channel.

Events in the series takes place in 1820-ies in Turkey.
Anna, the daughter of a Russian Ambassador in Istanbul, meets with Ottoman Sultan
Mahmoud II. The ruler of the Ottoman Empire is famous for its fascination with European
way of life and offers Anna to become a teacher of his children. Exactly Anna and
played Nikiforov. For the role of the actress was needed in record time
to learn Turkish, to speak on it in the framework of its role, after all
the movie is dubbed in Turkish, and for the First “Sultan of my heart”
translate into Russian using a professional dubbing and individual episodes
Russian voice acting.

“For me, this
story challenge! First and foremost, because you must play it on
Turkish, — says Alexander. One of the most difficult moments during
the filming was the end of the shift, or rather, the end of my shift. The fact is,
the Turkish group, as a rule, the working day is not limited to 12 hours,
as we have in the country, the concept of “processing” also does not exist. It happens that
film crews work 20 hours or more… So when I after 12 hours of work
went home, looked at the group, the group looked at me, and all
understand that they may continue to work for another 4-5 hours and I’m home…
no matter what I night to learn Turkish text for tomorrow. So
to complain of morning fatigue, my conscience does not allow. Every weekend I
came to my teacher of Turkish, and we have read and sorted all the scenes
included in the programme for next week. If you understand the text grammatically,
to learn it is not difficult. Faced with the fact that the proposal is understandable, but one
word, as if from another language. Was it the Ottoman, because our
the story takes place in the first half of the 19th century. Then for fun, I was
replace the modern Turkish Ottoman words their synonyms, when
spoke with the seller or taxi driver will Tell you, the reaction is very interesting!
Once even asked ” what does that mean?”. I want to note that now
Turkish to tell me is not difficult. This is not surprising after six months
daily study”.