Звезда шоу «На 10 лет моложе» выходит замуж
Leading the project Svetlana Abramova has received a proposal of marriage.

Звезда шоу «На 10 лет моложе» выходит замуж

Svetlana Abramova with her fiance Anton

Photo: Instagram

Host of the show “10 years younger” (channel) Svetlana Abramova goes
married. Her lover Anton did star offer. Interestingly, he’s a physicist, though, and masterfully fills the life of a TV presenter lyrics.

This happy
news Svetlana shared herself, posting on a social network
a picture of her hand with a beautiful engagement ring.

“There comes a time —
says Abramov, and we get the best offer”.

With her future husband Svetlana met about three years ago. In early summer, walking around St. Petersburg, the presenter along with a friend went to the cafe under the symbolic name “Happiness.”

Svetlana, a young man in a suit and a white shirt ran to the cafe,
to quickly drink coffee, but I saw Abramov and between them “slipped that spark”: since the lovers are inseparable. They first met
then began to live together, and this autumn a fully equipped family

Photo: Instagram