The star of the series “Sweet life” left him for a career

Звезда сериала «Сладкая жизнь» оставила сына ради карьеры Actress Anastasia Meskova last year gave birth to a second child. The star’s mother admitted that at the time of filming relies on her husband, trusting him with the education of boys. The artist says: the husband is more responsible than she the time of filming
Звезда сериала «Сладкая жизнь» оставила сына ради карьеры

The star of the series “Sweet life” Anastasia Meskova told reporters that the education of the two sons does the husband Alexander. Husband better babysitter cope with the boys. According to the actress, the first time she left her two sons with her husband for a few days and went on shooting in Petersburg.

“At six in the morning I came to the set the most cheerful and energetic. All around was such a sleepy and did not understand what was happening to me. I tell them, “Well, I slept six hours without a break!” – said the artist.

According to the actress, it was a nice period, she was back on the set, in their environment. Also the husband of Melikovoy releases star wife and social events. “I was very grateful to Sasha because he supported me and gave a little relax and unwind” – Anastasia admitted.

Also the star mother helps mother-in-law, however, the husband of actress knows the characteristics of each son. For example, how much the younger boy eats and at what temperature bathes. “Sasha even more responsible than I am. Perhaps this is due to the fact that it goes this way the first time, so he has a slightly exaggerated sense of fatherhood,” said the actress.

“I’m easier to relate to this, I’m not so afraid of germs. Sasha worries that, God forbid, our boy gets something to eat from the floor. He always cleans everything, rubbing. But working on these” – ironically said Anastasia.

The actress said that her husband never asked her to sit at home with the children. However, household chores are still performed by the artist.

Anastasiya Meskova has hinted that a third child may receive in the family, only after the elder Basil graduate, and the youngest one is only going to gnaw granite science.

“We’re one of those parents for whom parenting is not a burden. Everything should be easy, natural and fun,” said the actress in an interview with ok!