The star of the series “Sklifosovsky” suffers from severe pain in the spine

Звезда сериала «Склифосовский» страдает из-за сильных болей в позвоночнике According to the actor, sometimes he has to wear a corset during performances on stage are for a long time, Valery Yaremenko suffering from terrible back pain. However, the artist does not think to abandon the project due to serious health problems.
Звезда сериала «Склифосовский» страдает из-за сильных болей в позвоночнике

Star of TV series “Sklifosovsky”, “Balzac age, or All men are bast…” he spends a lot of time service in the theater. Valery Yaremenko admiringly talks about his roles. Especially the last one – in the play “the Servant of two masters” by Nina Chusova. According to Vladimir, it is quite a tough Director and sometimes even allows himself to yell at the troupe.

Grueling rehearsals brought the actor to the doctors. In order not to let down the team, the 56-year-old actor had to work with serious health problems every time he went on stage, suffering from severe back pain.

“Now I have back problems, I feel literally. Reached a dangerous age. Played here recently, “Jesus Christ” in the sense of Judas in a corset. Our profession requires us to be healthy”, – said Yaremenko.

At home, Valeria is always waiting for a caring wife Anna sukhacheva and two children. According to the actor, the previous wife taught him a lot, but the true happiness he found only in the third time.

“But this marriage, marriage, when children are born – it’s real. I now have two sons. I am happy, happy, know what I’m working. For what should I go to some sacrifices. A lot or a little? I don’t want to talk bad about ex-wives, maybe they were sent by God to me in order for me in the next marriage, hopefully the last, did not commit those mistakes that can make a man not yet formed,” – says the artist.

In recognition of Vladimir, he immediately realized that the family with Anna he will have children. The actor and his wife raise two sons, Kuzma and Stepan.

“When I got married, pointwise that he married not just for the woman I love, and the potential mother of their children. It happens, look at the man — and everything is clear, it’s mom, and it’s not mom, it’s a beautiful dragonfly, which will flutter and create a holiday atmosphere. No, we are not a dragonfly. We have a beautiful Madonna and child on the hand, if necessary, can turn into an ox, which all will take. Mom can be a big, immense, which courted not two but three children. Because I often – as you said, a model father turn into a helpless child, which also need to follow”, — said the actor in an interview with Womanhit.