Звезду сериала «Тайны следствия» Николая Перминова заставили пройти ДНК-тест The actor found the alleged daughter. Nikolay Perminov met five years ago with a girl who now claims that bore a child from him. The artist and the girl passed the biomaterial to establish a relationship.
Звезду сериала «Тайны следствия» Николая Перминова заставили пройти ДНК-тест

Star of TV series “Secrets of investigation” Nikolay Perminov was the guest of the Studio “really”. The show was a woman named Yana Boeva. Her mother, Elena insisted that her daughter have found all the questions live. One young woman mentioned that the father of her five-year-old Eva is a Perminov. They decided to check this fact and to do a DNA test.

Yana and Nikolai met in Moscow. The girl was 19 years old and the actor is 46. At the time Jan lived with the civil husband, but that did not stop her relationship with the artist. “I really like a girl,” recalled a meeting with a girl Perminov.

According to Jana, they met with him in his apartment. Nicholas claims that he did not expect a serious relationship, as she was the chosen one.

When a woman is pregnant, she announced it to the civil husband. Answering questions Dmitry Shepelev, Boev immediately admitted that Perminov was allegedly aware of her interesting position.

Звезду сериала «Тайны следствия» Николая Перминова заставили пройти ДНК-тест

Yana’s mother Elena was negatively disposed towards Nicholas. She thinks he’s to blame. Experts explained to the woman that she improperly raised her daughter, that she twisted relationship with two men.

Звезду сериала «Тайны следствия» Николая Перминова заставили пройти ДНК-тест

Later in the Studio there was a 26-year-old Andrew, who was not familiar with Nicholas most of his life In the 20-21 year the guy met the dad. Now Nikolai blames the actor is that he’s not helping his family. In the video, they were joined by Valentine, a woman that he met Nicholas.

“My relationship with Nicholas ended because he cheated on me. When I told him the truth, he beat me badly. I couldn’t leave the house for three weeks,” said the woman.

Perminov did not deny that he changed the shaft. The woman still can not forgive him.

Звезду сериала «Тайны следствия» Николая Перминова заставили пройти ДНК-тест

Also, the Studio became another son Perminova, Alexander Volkov. The actor left the family when he was about four years.

“He continued to talk with his mother, he paid child support. I don’t have to it no offense,” – said the guy.

Besides Alexander explained half-brother, Andrew, that it is not necessary to demand from the father of financial assistance. Guests also said: the eldest son belongs to the dad with an inexplicable negative.

At the end of the programme published the results of the DNA test. Ian regrets that have come to pass. “I no result waiting for,” said daughter Elena. She was also not convinced that the father of Eva Nicholas.

“If the DNA will prove that’s my girl, I will take part in the education”, – said Perminov.

The envelope is entrusted to open and Helena Fighting. “Conclusion: fatherhood is practically eliminated,” said the woman. Dmitry Shepelev believes that the way Elena had disgraced his daughter.