Звезда сериала «Тайны следствия» победила рак Last summer, the actress learned that the newly sick with cancer. Kristina Kuzmina was hiding from fans and journalists a terrible disease. The movie star had to undergo several serious operations and courses of chemotherapy to defeat the disease.
Звезда сериала «Тайны следствия» победила рак

In March this year, Kristina Kuzmina openly admitted that he is struggling with cancer. Many viewers fell in love with the actress after her roles in movies and TV series, “Street”, “Secrets of investigation”, “We are from the future 2”, “the man at the window”. Also the actress successfully plays in theatrical productions and has a daughter Agrippina-Agrippina.

Christina had several serious operations over the last year. According to her, a relapse is always worse, because a cancer patient already knows what he needs to in order to survive.

“Five years ago I have been diagnosed with cancer. I was treated, had surgery, thought it went… And if we talk about this case. The second time, it is certainly mixed, strange feelings. You don’t feel the shock. But cling to the thought that this may be a mistake. If five years ago I didn’t fully understand the second time already knew what chemo… of Course, enthusiasm at first not very great. However, this is when they begin to be treated,” — said Kuzmin.

The actress said: during the treatment it was helped by close friends, relatives and daughter, which she did not hide the disease.

 Kristina Kuzmina on the fight against cancer: “This is not my first meeting with the sickness”

Today, according to Christina, her condition stabilized. The actress successfully completed treatment, went to Israel. She believes in the Holy land with her, a miracle happened.

“Thank you for your support! All the will of God. I was vacationing in Israel, swam in the sea, traveled to the Holy places. Of course, I had not long to be in the sun. Visited The Church Of The Holy Sepulchre, The Wailing Wall. This whole trip was spontaneous and unusual. I was treated, now I drink the medicine, the forecasts of health to anyone is not known. Only God… I work, live life to the fullest, made a sharp haircut! Fell in love with. Importantly, the work is, in the mind of lots of projects. All are brought to life, I try,” admitted Christine.
Звезда сериала «Тайны следствия» победила рак

A few months ago, Christina told me that cancer made her stronger. The disease changed her not only externally but also internally. According to the actress, she stopped being afraid of new images. For example, some time ago, she got rid of the luxurious Golden hair for stylish short haircut.

Звезда сериала «Тайны следствия» победила рак“All my life I wanted to keep it short, but knew that I did not have the courage and the spirit to cut off the hair, and then the incredible happened. Moreover, now that shot and tell me to return to my old way, I have the opportunity – thanks to the make-up artists. I “dressed” in long blond hair and think, “man, did I go? Don’t go.” I like that now you can experiment with color and length. I categorically do not intend to return to my old way!” – said Kuzmin.