The star of the series “Secrecy of the investigation” told about the death of a child

Звезда сериала «Тайны следствия» рассказал о смерти ребенка Sergei Baryshev and his wife Catherine was unable to become parents. As it turned out, the reason the miscarriage that survived the actor’s wife. A woman a few years was fighting cancer, which could not bear a child.
Звезда сериала «Тайны следствия» рассказал о смерти ребенка

Sergei Baryshev loved by many viewers after the role of security officer Vladimir V. Vinokourov in the series “Secrecy of the investigation”. Charming operas suddenly praised the actor for a few countries, as the Russian cinema broadcast even outside of Russia.

Despite the love of the audience for a long time Sergei could not find happiness. The first marriage was actor after graduating from theatre school. As admitted Baryshev, conflicts, life and mutual accusations led to the divorce. Only a few years later, the artist met the second wife, Catherine. The choice of Sergei lived in Germany and worked as a journalist and came to St. Petersburg to interview one of the actors of the project “Secrets of the investigation”. According to the women, she caught a glimpse Barysheva on the screen, but her parents loved the show.

Sergei and Ekaterina was found on one of the subway stations. A few minutes of conversation at the cafe, changed their destiny once and for all, three months after they met they were married, despite the fact that the woman had a child and established way of life abroad. Baryshev was fascinated by Catherine’s family was able to make friends with her son, but life lovers have decided in St. Petersburg. By their own admission, they dreamed about common children, but the disease destroyed their plans. Doctors diagnosed beloved actor cancer a few years ago, Catherine was slowly dying away and begged a famous husband to keep her, not wanting to be a burden to him.

“It all started with the disease. In one of clinics in Moscow I was immediately diagnosed with terminal cancer. We went to Germany, they said that this is only the beginning of the disease, were treated… I Think that, like, the cancer retreated, I healed, recovered, but then again. The disease returned. At that time, was already a pregnancy, a miscarriage. The child was impossible to save, after all the drugs that I took. There was a time when the hands went down. It seemed that all,” said Catherine.
Звезда сериала «Тайны следствия» рассказал о смерти ребенка

In a moment of desperation, the woman asked Sergei to leave her. The words wounded the wife of an actor.

“I offered him a divorce, when doctors are especially frightened. Said that already in the way… I didn’t want him to see that I’m slowly becoming,” admitted Catherine.

Baryshev said he did not even think to divorce her. According to him, the disease only strengthened their relationship.

“I understand her position. She didn’t want to be a burden. How is it? Suddenly you are with a person, God forbid, something happened and you throw it? It’s despicable,” – said Sergey.
Звезда сериала «Тайны следствия» рассказал о смерти ребенка

Only in 2013, the cancer finally caved. Ekaterina and Sergei admitted that dream about children, and yet they founded a children’s theatre school, according to them, the guys who study there become them as a family.

In the program Sergey and Ekaterina remembered another difficult period in life. A few years ago, the news about the beating of an actor on the road came as a shock to his fans. A year and a half, the artist recovered after the incident.

“Just one driver blocked the traffic. His girlfriend has asked to move away a little, he didn’t want, she approached me. I talked to him like normal. Asked simply to drive off, I went to my car and got back on the head. Two of them were, one of them clearly were doing Boxing or something similar, beaten with skill. Was loss of consciousness at the moment,” said Baryshev.

After the fight doctors diagnosed Sergey brain concussion, multiple injuries, fractures, was hurt the spine. Then for an actor many projects just closed, it required expensive treatment. Catherine defended the honor of the famous wife, written statement, asked for the punishment of criminals on a talk show. However, they were not punished.

“According to the law no. Everything depended on is judicial-medical examination, and it was written that no serious damage. But then I received a letter from the Diaspora, to which belonged these people. It said they were punished by their”, – said Ekaterina.