Звезда сериала «Тайны следствия» простил приемную мать, которая вернула его в детский дом Nikolay Perminov few decades tried to establish relations with the native sons. One of them’s ex-wife was taken to the Ukraine, the second after the divorce, remained with their mother. The actor himself had an unhappy childhood — he’s been looking for her biological parents, and the foster mother returned him to the orphanage, saying that the boy has down syndrome.
Звезда сериала «Тайны следствия» простил приемную мать, которая вернула его в детский дом

The name of Nicholas Perminova rocked the entire country for more than two years ago. Then the actor admitted that for a long time trying to find a son from his first marriage, whose first wife was taken to the Ukraine. A show talk show, the artist met with the heir after years of separation, and DNA confirms 23 — year-old Andrew do son Perminova.

A year later the actor made a shocking confession, it turns out that was abandoned twice: first, biological mother, and then foster, who said that the boy had down’s syndrome and developmental delays. In the end, all the childhood Nicholas had spent in the orphanage, where she endured harassment and numerous beatings.

Actor “the Secrets of the investigation” found blood after 45 years

Recently, in the Studio of “the Destiny of man”, Perminov met with the half-sister. For both years of the mystery, which was carried to the grave biological mother was a shock. After hearing a positive DNA results on Nicholas and Anna could not hold back emotions and tears.

Anna admitted that her mother, leaving a son, was not able to overcome alcohol addiction.

“You know what makes a boarding school from the orphanage? In the first the child has parents who pay him a visit if only for a weekend, and the second – a child, an orphan. Of course, there were beatings, jumped and beaten severely. We had “black Thursday” – every Thursday we called into the hall and pounded. I was shaking just. And that this tradition was. Several times I ran away from the orphanage, I had nothing to eat – were taking food to the cemetery, which remained after the funeral”, – said the actor.
Звезда сериала «Тайны следствия» простил приемную мать, которая вернула его в детский дом
Звезда сериала «Тайны следствия» простил приемную мать, которая вернула его в детский дом

Nicholas does not remember, as it decided to adopt a couple Perminova. He did not long remain in a new family, but inherited their name. Svetlana was the name of the woman who became small If mom, after a while gave him back to his house, saying that a boy with serious developmental disorders.In the certificate, provided that the woman stated that the child was born with down syndrome, and doctors, who checked his physical condition, said that after living in the family Perminova — the child was severely malnourished.

In recognition of the actor, he doesn’t get mad at the parents. Decades later, he met up with Svetlana — the same girl from the orphanage, which was adopted by his foster mother. The woman, who met Nicholas in a wheelchair, admitted that the mother regularly abused her both mentally and physically.

“Svetlana came up to me and said, “Good thing she left you, and it you have just killed”. It was easier for me to get from this person”, — said Nikolai.

Звезда сериала «Тайны следствия» простил приемную мать, которая вернула его в детский дом

Nicholas said that his difficult childhood was character. In his youth he had married, although was not ready for family life.

“I was 19 years old, I really wanted to return home from the army, to his wife and son. But then I realized that family life is not so simple. Began mutual attacks, there was no money, we even fought. She smacked me, and then I realize: “our life is not. This is wrong,” — said the artist.

After one of the fights Valentina took the baby and went to Ukraine. More than twenty years, Nicholas did not see the heir, though, and tried to find Andrew, but to no avail. Only two years ago in the program “live” Nicholas was found with an adult son.

In recognition Perminova, he tried to create again the family in the early 90s, married the second son was born, but the lady’s mother was against their Union. The woman believed that Nicholas married for a residence permit in the Northern capital. And again, Nicholas was expecting a scandal, a divorce and attempts to divide the son, who eventually left with his mother.

All this time, the actor found himself in the profession. Only 36 years old Perminov was able to enter and successfully complete the Shchukin school. Today, he helps both sons, and they, in turn, does not hold a grudge against a famous father. Nicholas said that he has no plans to create a new family. According to him, all his happiness lies in the children, which after all these years she was finally able to find again.