The star of the series “Real boys” received threats

Звезде сериала «Реальные пацаны» поступают угрозы
Zoya Berber feared for his life.

Zoya Berber

Zoya Berber admitted
that stopped communicating with followers of his microblog after began to receive explicit proposals
because of their appearance.

“I talked to them. Now no — shared
the star of the series “Real boys” with WomanHit.
— Try to give detailed interviews to all the questions they could
to get the answers. I often write mountaineers: “why, I’m stealing you!” I’m white,
blonde, they like me so much. Everyone wants to steal, to get married, to the village
to take away”.

In real life, Zoya Berber is not alone: she’s married and happy.

the TV series “Real boys” I met with Sinegubova. He became
the father of my daughter Nadia — said Zoe — Introduced
we Naumov played the role of Kolya. Celebrated the “cap” — the shooting
the first season, nick suddenly comes with a pretty tall guy. Is
it all: “This is my friend and, incidentally, one of the writers of the new series”. Our
eyes met — and very soon… we’ve been together.

Sasha says that I like him
all: and slim, and curvaceous for pregnancy scored twenty
five pounds! After giving birth six months fed Nadia breast and a lot of dropped —
so that she didn’t really like myself. As soon as the daughter went to the mix, I started
eat everything. Most wanted bread and sweets. Now favorite jeans
hard to put on. We must take himself in hand. But I am against diets, is torture. There
a better way: exercise. Go to the store. To make
garbage. To walk with your child. Go dancing in the Park. Before I’m happy
dancing, yoga — it is necessary to return to a more active and sporty
way of life. It tones, supports a good mood. And of course, better
do not eat after six or seven PM.”