The star of the series “Real boys” phenomenally thin

Звезда сериала «Реальные пацаны» феноменально похудела
Actress Maria Shekunova no longer recognize the fans.

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Maria Shekunova, best known for her role of Masha in the series “the Real
boys”, has changed beyond recognition. 36-year-old actress not only lost more
10 pounds, but she dyed her hair pink. Fans are accustomed
to see the star overweight, not always tidy girl who is unlikely to refuse
from cake or biscuits. But it was only a display image of Semenovoi, and I got used to it
it brilliantly! Several years after the filming of the series, as well as birth
the son of Yaroslav in 2013, she started deliberately and systematically to lose weight.

While on vacation, the actress decided to spend
in the Crimea, she shared in his Instagram
seeing that, fans bombarded her well-deserved compliments. “Masha, you’re so skinny”, “super Legs”,
“What skinny girl”, “Maria, tell us how you lost weight”, “Very beautiful!!!”,
“You’re so beautiful!!! Such light, easy, thin like a reed,” wrote
they (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.). became
know menu’s Semenovoi: including it so fast

“In the morning I
Breakfast cereal with milk and allow one sandwich with bran bread. In the afternoon
— alternate different soups, salads and vegetables the second — fish or meat with vegetables
or pasta. For dinner, yogurt low-fat or tea.”

In addition
power system is an actress ensures that a few times a week she gave
the body exercise. Mary walks into the pool and doing Pilates.

Nikolay Naumov and Maria Shekunova

Photo: still from the TV series “Real boys”