The star of the series “pregnancy Test” revealed a wedding dress

Звезда сериала «Тест на беременность» показала свадебное платье
Anna Peskova try on the role of the wife.

Anna Peskova

Photo: Press service of the TV channel “Home”

White dress, beautiful hair and happy eyes
Anna Peskova married! However, this was in continuation of the series “Double
solid” on TV channel “Dомашний”. The heroine of the Sand — Olena — decided
to devote himself to the family, and this is built interesting and twisted story

Yourself shooting the second part of the series took place in Yaroslavl, Anna
Peskov at the same time was filmed in Saint-Petersburg and Karelia in another project, and
literally was on the train. “Shooting the second part as the first, took place in Yaroslavl, —
Anya says. At that time I also was filming in Saint-Petersburg,
so almost 4 months I had to live in the trains between the two cities
because direct communication between the Northern capital and the Yaroslavl — no. I drove
to Moscow, passed from the platform of the Leningrad station, the Yaroslavl, sat
the train and continued their journey on.”

Reminiscing about her character, the actress says that Elena is one of the
the most positive characters in the entire series. However, she will have
to overcome itself and to compromise their principles.