The star of the series “Fizruk” Anastasia Akatova: “We misbehaved on the set of”

Звезда сериала «Физрук» Анастасия Акатова: «Мы хулиганили на съемках» The young actress became known to a wide audience after the premiere of the new season of the popular project of channel TNT. Anastasia Akatova talked about the joint scenes with Victor Sukhorukov and Dmitry Nagiyev, and the humor on the site and the man in the dream.
Звезда сериала «Физрук» Анастасия Акатова: «Мы хулиганили на съемках»

Bright and ambitious Anastasia Akatova played in the new season of “Teacher”. On account of the 25-year-old actress participated in such projects as “Closed school”, “Dislike” and “How to raise a million.” In the sequel to the popular TNT series with Dmitry Nagiyev Gateway got the role of Arina, daughter of actress Zheleznogorsk theatre. Character Anastasia wants to leave his hometown to build a career in Moscow. “StarHit” learn from the girls about how hard it was to do with Sukhorukov and Nagiyev, and the man in the dream and the attitude towards plastic.

Have you watched previous seasons of “Teacher”? Do you think the secret of popularity of this series?
Звезда сериала «Физрук» Анастасия Акатова: «Мы хулиганили на съемках»It the previous season, no, but about the project, of course, heard. I rarely watch TV shows — just no time. But especially before the samples studied in detail the storyline of “Teacher”… what’s the secret To popularity? It’s hard to say since the reasons are many. I think, first of all, great script — this is already half of success. The project removed more efficiently, at a very high level. And, of course, a great cast of actors. To talk about myself not going to the masters I still need to grow.—
What did you feel when you found out that she was cast?
Звезда сериала «Физрук» Анастасия Акатова: «Мы хулиганили на съемках»Remember that walking down the street, when suddenly agent called me and said quietly: “You are approved”. Naturally, as soon as the sun came out, the street blossomed and the world sparkle with new colors. I’m terribly lucky!
Звезда сериала «Физрук» Анастасия Акатова: «Мы хулиганили на съемках»
What’s it like working with such stars as Viktor Sukhorukov and Dmitriy Nagiev? What they in life?
Звезда сериала «Физрук» Анастасия Акатова: «Мы хулиганили на съемках»I rarely was involved in some scenes with Dimitri, so we rarely talked on the set. I can say that he is very professional and skillful artist that instantly catches the eye. Victor Ivanovich had more scenes, so talk to us ever more often. I asked him questions, he really helped and gave advice. This actor of the old school who knows how to fix it and suggest something. To work with such talented people is a great honor and a high responsibility!—
Tell us about the atmosphere on set. Do you often laughed and bantered each other?
Звезда сериала «Физрук» Анастасия Акатова: «Мы хулиганили на съемках»Everything was just great! Needless to say, fun was. We were having fun between shots and, of course, joking with each other and colleagues, hooligans and horsing around. Of course, we are not fond of this because as a responsible attitude to work and tried to give our best. I hope the audience will feel even through the screen, that charge was overwhelmingly positive!

How close to you the nature of your character?
Звезда сериала «Физрук» Анастасия Акатова: «Мы хулиганили на съемках»Arina uncertain and windy girl, she is different from me. This is probably due to the boyish, and I also passed this period and all, but it was in the past. I think that now I’m getting serious, but remain the same cheerful, cheerful and open. Actually, only my friends and relatives can accurately describe me… Now I look at the character of Arina on the child – I laugh her impulsiveness and emotions.—
Did you go through relationship issues with mother, for example, in the transition to adulthood?
Звезда сериала «Физрук» Анастасия Акатова: «Мы хулиганили на съемках»Fundamental differences I never had. From home I of course did not. Could always negotiate with their parents, they listened to me and respected my position. In the “Teacher” the same heroes have a global divergence of views, the eternal problem of fathers and children. I, too, had left his native Rybinsk to Moscow, but everything was peaceful. Then I put the parents before the fact, saying that he went to do. For a time they were angry, but then cooled down… Yet, by the way, the “Teacher” the situation is compounded by the fact that Arina and her mother both Actresses. Let’s say it’s a more complex composition.—
You have Facebook there is a picture where you pose Nude. Tell me how you decided on such a daring photo shoot?
Звезда сериала «Физрук» Анастасия Акатова: «Мы хулиганили на съемках»I love to share photos on social networks, however, such a snapshot will not recall. I have a few fairly explicit photos, but everything there is covered, reserved and decent. There is a photo where I’m sitting, for example, back. I think this is part of the profession. In the series there are scenes where I’m kissing, hugging and even undressing. I’m in the profession for seven years, and faced with a lack of understanding.
Звезда сериала «Физрук» Анастасия Акатова: «Мы хулиганили на съемках»
If you’re worried about your appearance? How do you feel about plastic surgery?
Звезда сериала «Физрук» Анастасия Акатова: «Мы хулиганили на съемках»Me all happy with yourself. Plastic surgery? Depends on what you want. Breast augmentation or fifth point — this is obviously not for me. Some time ago I have had thoughts about how to emphasize cheekbones and make them more expressive. But these arguments in the past. Now I understand that plastic is not for me.
What do you like doing in your spare time?
Звезда сериала «Физрук» Анастасия Акатова: «Мы хулиганили на съемках»I write poetry. And still passionately love dancing: 16 years engaged in ballroom dancing, and it was not in vain. Love to him remained in my mind. Can dance everywhere and always – day and night long. I also like to watch movies when I have time, to communicate with family and friends.—
What kind of guys you attract? How Thomas of “Teacher” corresponds with the image of your “dream guy”?
Звезда сериала «Физрук» Анастасия Акатова: «Мы хулиганили на съемках»It is difficult to describe the ideal, even harder – him type. Depends on what I have in mind: a person’s appearance or his inner qualities. In any case, for me is very important sense of humor in men. Also Ziniu reasonable modesty, depth of thoughts and the presence of his point of view on certain issues. As for the image of the protagonist of the series “Teacher”, Thomas, it reminds me of dad manners of behaviour and charisma.—
Can you say that you’ve met your ideal man?
Звезда сериала «Физрук» Анастасия Акатова: «Мы хулиганили на съемках»Let it remain a mystery.

The new season of “the Teacher” is the TV channel TNT from Monday to Thursday at 20:00.