Звезда сериала «Папины дочки» стала роботом
Actress Maria Semkina co-starred in a unique film project.

Maria Semkina

Maria Semkina is the first
Russian woman robot in the movie! The actress played the role of cybersunshine that
mechanically do all the homework, but it requires
men-the bachelor of love and care as real. Most interesting is that this role
essentially played only the head of Mary, because the rest of the body, according to the story,
she’s robotic.

the sketch show “FUNтастика” will be on channel ТНТ4. This is a project of the company
Good Story Media, who came up with the creative producers of the series “Olga” —
Artem Lempert and Paul walnuts. The action takes place in the future. People have learned
to raise the dumplings in the trees, in the MPs running a talking dog and women
make yourself a quick makeover shot in the face from a special gun.

“In “FUNтастике” I had my first experience
filming with the use of animated graphics. However, the first experience fantastic
grim was still in the career of a model. Then I
appeared in ads for cheese, remember, where they showed the alien family and the snow
people? The wife of Bigfoot and the alien is me! But if there I
just seen what will be the result, and on the set of “FUNтастики” not even
imagine how I look. Trusted artists. I asked them to
made me thin and slim. Absolutely no idea how it will be
look in the end on the screen. I can say — everything turned out fine!” —
says Maria.

— What impressions do you have of participation in
the sketch show “FUNтастика”?

— Oh,
first, this is only the second Comedy project in my career. Not so often
offer such roles, Comedy, and here and with a fantastic element.
Got a great pleasure to work with such material. It was very fun and
interesting. It is a pity that the series was so long coming out!

— What was it like playing only one head?

— Play
head woman is difficult, usually the woman, even without a head! In fact, it was
difficult due to the complex make-up, but I’m not used to. “FUNтастике” I had
the first experience of shooting with the use of animated graphics. However, the first experience with
the fantastic makeup was in the career of a model. Then I did a commercial cheese
remember, where they showed a family of aliens and yetis? Wife snow
human and alien — that’s me! But if there is I can see what will be
the result, on the set of “FUNтастики” I had no idea how I’m going to look like.
Trusted artists. I asked them to make me slim and slender.
Absolutely no idea how it will look in the end on the screen. Can
just to say – everything turned out perfectly!

— Do you often fantasize about the future?

— Yes, but
not only about unique gadgets. They will continue to appear, I
sure. I hope the aliens finally appear!

— Really have nothing to surprise?

— I though
and not very old, but I remember a time when there was a microwave oven. One
my friend said at the time: “Microwave — it’s the future. I have never
will, it’s such a luxury!”. Now, microwave in every home.
So not surprised technologies, because they are already included in

— In the series we see a female robot. And what
functions would have had, in your opinion, a man-robot?

it is necessary that he talked. The biggest problem, which can be home –
this is when a man comes and closes their minds, or looks alone
your football… So it would be a great feature for the man-robot — be
open to conversation!

And household chores would you have trusted him?

robot charging household chores, it is better to handle. The more
robot male! Modern assistants to the house already appear. Interesting
it would be to have such a mechanical creature at home. I don’t know how
metal robots will help to keep the real home comfort, but maybe when
you’re alone, the robot is also good. Like a cat! Russian people generally have
the ability to animate objects.

— What are your three favorite sci-Fi movie?

— Pro
Alice… “guest from the Future”! Star wars, loved the first series.
The latter is not very surprising, but the first is still impressive. And the last
where a talking squirrel or Chipmunk… Raccoon, raccoon! Guardians Of The Galaxy.
See how can seriously to answer the questions a woman who does not distinguish
from squirrel raccoon (laughs).