The star of the series “Deffchonki” thinking about the children

Звезда сериала «Деффчонки» задумалась о детях Polina Maksimova wants to create a family and have heirs. However, it does not force events and believes that everything has its time. The famous actress says that men her do not know.

      Звезда сериала «Деффчонки» задумалась о детях

      Actress Polina Maksimova remembered by the audience for her role as the scatterbrained girl Lelia in the TV series “Deffchonki” on TNT, which easily turns heads of many men. However, in the life of an artist quite similar to his onscreen character. Her views on life differ significantly from the worldview of the famous Lely. As it turned out, Polina Maksimova longs to become a mother.

      “I dream about children. To have beautiful, healthy, happy and successful. And that they were better than me,” admits Pauline.

      Pauline admits that her heart is free. Popular actress wants to meet their soul mate. However, it is not forcing the event and believes that everything has its time. But despite the popularity and fame, the actress is not so easy to find someone with whom she could start a family.

      “I need the kind of man that would pick me up by the scruff of took. It needs to be strong in spirit because I am very strong, I always very much I suppress myself. People sometimes ask me: you, probably, attention bulk, rich uncle, propositioned? Actually with me have never met – here’s my complex,” – said Maximov.

      Pauline admits he does not love beautiful men. Most often she appreciates not any external dignity, and can fall in love in demeanor, in voice, a turn of the head. Attract her terse, bold men that make one with his eyes lost and ashamed.

      The actress says that her love is very changing, and because she is afraid to fall in love. The actress is ready to devote himself fully to life and to do everything for the elect. She begins to idealize the man, though understands that in the first place to love yourself.

      “I’m starting to make gifts, to wash, to clean. I forget myself completely. And I hate myself in this condition, as an absolute autist. I think love destroys me. I love to fall in love, I like to meet, to dress up, do not sleep at night, to correspond”, – said Pauline in an interview with PeopleTalk.

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