The star of the series “Deffchonki” have been hounding Network

Звезде сериала «Деффчонки» устроили травлю в Сети
Anastasia Denisova was justified for the extra weight.

Anastasia Denisova

Photo: @anastasiyadenisovafilm Instagram Anastasia Denisova

With the development of social networking stars are increasingly becoming the target of abuse by users. Anastasia Denisova as a celebrity, he felt that such “harassment Network” on your own “skin”. For a long time the artist was silent, but now it changed the strategy for dealing with the haters — she went with them to the dialogue.

“I thought to remain silent at first, and then still change your mind! Less and less I want to upload photos. You will always find something to complain about. The armpit, that fat sensitive again. I don’t compare myself with anyone, not trying to make glamorous pictures, I have extra weight and it’s obvious!Would I do massage, healthy food and exercise? And I continue to learn to love yourself all, and what you suggest! That’s like living with this for so many years and still some words hurt…” — shared experiences Anastasia.

Fans supported the actress and cheered for her dozens of touching messages. Denisov was happy that among their members there were kind and helpful people, for which she thanked. “Didn’t expect my little weakness will you respond to such great love! I say to everyone “thank you” for your kind words of support, let you come back a hundredfold! I was terminated by reading reviews, so warm!”. — later wrote the artist in social networks.