Звезда сериала «Глухарь» борется с пагубной зависимостью
Vladislav kotlyarskii has created a unique mobile app.

Vladislav Kotlyarskii

Photo: Sergey Novozhilov

Kotlyarska decided to get rid of addiction. A few months
ago, the actor said that too much time in social
networks. A happy husband and a loving father decided to avoid
from Internet addiction and created for this mobile application, which
can be used by any person.

Some time ago I discovered that a lot of the time in social
networks and in the Internet, — says Vladislav. — I think many do
familiar, when, lying in bed, starting to flip through the news in your phone.
Or waking up first thing in the morning clutching the phone. It’s not even
how many hours I spend, and that are immersed in
fascinating, but it’s useless information that does not allow
to do something else. For example, the TV can be switched on and until he
works in the background, to do household chores. The phone is sitting, with his face
face in the screen, unable to escape. I realized that with this problem
we have to fight, and came up with the app. First for themselves, then for everyone.
It’s called “StayFreeLab” (Stay free). Works very
just choose the applications that crash most often
for example, Facebook. Set limits on how much time
want to spend there. I found myself five minutes per hour. Not
can enter there from eleven at night until eleven in the morning.
Accordingly, fall asleep peacefully, not hanging on the phone, Wake up, do not
clutching his camera.

several options for using the app: first you just
I remind you that you have had the phone all the time
planned. Second — occasionally POPs up ads. Intrusive pop up banners with the word “out”.
Next option: can pre-set the time spent on the network and
if I want to add minutes, had to pay ten
fifteen hundred rubles. Money is the best motivator. Or the extreme version
like me, have full lock. Five minutes goes by and all is blocked and I don’t
unable to remove this program. While it is only available for users
androids. I hope someday it will become my income.

learned interesting statistic: Internet-dependent people in the world about
four million, two percent of the population! Twenty-two percent of adults and forty — four young people sit with the phone even in the toilet! In China and
Japan there are clinics where people are treated for Internet addiction. In
principle, all of them my potential clients. The idea of the app as not
strange, was born based on my experience of weight loss. For the role Karpov I was better, so much so carried away that it was hard to come to
normal. In the end, decided not to eat at night and to bring the idea to life
thrown out of refrigerator all products. With Internet addiction the same
thing: I have no temptation. By the way, was invented along with
Vika, I’m a wife, she was tested.”