The star of the series “Capercaillie” for the first time became a father

Звезда сериала «Глухарь» впервые стал отцом
A 44-year-old Vlad Kotlyarskii a daughter.

Vladislav kotlyarskii with wife Victoria boldyrevoy

Photo: Instagaram

44-year-old Vladislav kotlyarskii, which brought
people’s love of the role in the TV series “Capercaillie” and “Karpov”, first became a father. In
one of the Metropolitan hospitals, the actor’s wife, 29-year-old Victoria Boldyreva, gave birth to
daughter. Vika is also a recording artist, with Vlad they met on the set of “Karpov”
2012, where Boldyreva starred in one episode of the second season
a cameo role. However, this episode proved to be the most important in her life on the other
side of the camera: office romance with the actor who never
talked about his personal life, led to the creation of the family, and continued
the birth of a charming daughter.

It is known that kotlyarskii and Boldyrev officially
formalized their relationship in December 2016 — Vic at that time was
the fourth month of pregnancy.

First Vladislav and his wife on the birth of a daughter
congratulated colleagues in the play “Hate. Jeanne” in which it is engaged. They
joke wished him to be “not so boring as on the set of” and
suggested that “he is the best dad in the world”.