The star of the series “Brigada” were put on 8 years in jail

Звезду сериала «Бригада» посадили на 8 лет в тюрьму

Actor and acting law enforcement officer Dmitry Golenetskii, playing in the series “Brigada” the chief of security Sasha Belov, Schmidt, decided not only on screen but in real life become part of the underworld.

In September last year, a search was made of garage Boxing, which was recorded on Humanizado. During a search were discovered 280 pounds of synthetic concentrate, put up in pound packages. From this quantity of concentrate can be produced over 7 tonnes of drugs. Retail price the party would have amounted to more than 16 billion rubles.

Then Golenetskii was arrested and placed in jail, where he was awaiting a decision regarding his fate.

Today it became known that the former actor and at the same time major General Dmitry Gumenetska for the next eight years determined to jail.

The relevant decision against the 43-year-old man made on the eve of the Solnechnogorsk garrison military court.

“The investigation and trial were held in just five months, because Golenetskii did not deny his guilt and cooperated with the investigation, — said the representative of law enforcement bodies.

From the appeal and appeal, the man refused, as fully and completely admitted his guilt.

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