The star of the series “Black crow” is divorcing her husband

Звезда сериала «Черный ворон» разводится с мужем
Anna German told about the changes in his personal life.

Anna German


Anna German, famous for the main role in the TV series “Black
the Raven” (2002-2004) and “Hope leaves the last” (2004), after the
paintings decided to take a break in your artistic career. “I was very
tight production schedule, “Black crow” was filmed in Saint-Petersburg, “Hope…”
in Moscow, and I’m four months in a row was shot simultaneously in both cities
says Anna germ. — About the period
I have the most fondest memories, because it is acting happiness
from frame to frame.”

The final scene of the series “Hope leaves the last” filmed in Turkey. “Remember
we the whole crew sat on the beach, and I shared with her partner
the site of Dmitry Orlov, which would make a short film on motives
poems of Anna Akhmatova’s “the sea,” continues Anna. — Dima the idea
supported: “there is the sea, there are the actors, here the operator, take it off!”. And the whole team
agreed to help me. Finished film already in the suburbs. Musician Vladislav
Astafjevs, who we had just met, he had his own band “Star
faculty,” volunteered to write the music for my short film, and in the process
the joint work we have started. Our film even took the prize for best
Director at the Yalta international film festival “film forum”.

The novel Anna and Vladislav ended with a wedding, and in 2008 the couple had a daughter
Angelica. “The family and the education of her daughter was then for me in the first place, and I
took a break in the profession, — says Anna. — Now, unfortunately, our marriage
broke up, we Vladislav divorce, but we managed to keep a good
relationship, so leave quietly and peacefully. I decided to go back to the movies.
Did a photo shoot, was pleased with how I look, go on trial, again
open to new ideas, which I hope soon I will have”.